Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Calendar - and a winner

Things got busier than I expected -  anyone would think it was coming up to Christmas! I just ventured out to  the local shopping mall  and it was hectic! But  I think I'm getting organised now. I have to write some cards though ..  . that's tonight's job.

Thank you for the good news - I was so happy to read it. Mary and Kaelee - new babies are always a wonderful joy and  congratulations to Lois and Charlotte on your successes.  And I know personally  what a wonderful result can come from the operation to remove cataracts. Eli, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I hope the days that pass will ease your heart.

Everyone who nominated a friend to have a book sent to them - they're on the way! They may get tangled up in the Christmas posts but  hopefully they'll reach your friends soon.

Oh yes - and the winner of the good news prize is Lois - so you have won  a copy of Mediterranean Tycoons. I hope that's good news for you.  Lois please send me your postal address so that I can get the book in the mail to you.

Today's prize - appropriately enough with the news of babies etc - is a copy of the  2009 title  - Kept For Her Baby:

Wanted: wife and Mother...
Staring at the granite-handsome features of Italian billionaire Ricardo Emiliani, Lucy knows she's made a mistake coming back to their palatial Lake Garda home. But she'll do anything for her baby son—even return to the husband who never loved her...
Ricardo branded his wife a gold-digger, however, tiny Marco needs his mother so he will keep Lucy captive on his private island until she proves herself a worthy wife—in every sense...

To be in with a chance of winning a copy - well, seeing as I'm going to be writing my cards tonight  - along with the Babe Magnet, beside the fire  with maybe a glass of wine . . .- tell about the cards you send.
Have you written them yet? Or maybe even posted them already?

Go you still send all paper cards? Or have you decided to choose ecards instead?

And what designs do you choose?  Traditional ones, maybe with a Nativity scene or a Christmas Tree -  modern designs  or perhaps you like comedy cards, with  cartoons or silly photos?

We got our first card in the mail - it was a  picture of  a big fat robin. I'm going to have to show this to the robin that comes to the bird-table in my garden - he's only young and a skinny little thing so he needs encouragement  to grow"!


Anonymous said...

I love simple cards. Love writing in script.

bn100 said...

Send traditional cards

Laney4 said...

I've read this book already (no surprise there, eh Kate?), so please take my name out of your draw.

I used to buy big traditional cards and handwrite all down the left side for over 60 people. Years later, I typed double spaced onto the cards for the elderly.

Perhaps 5 years ago, I wrote a poem and printed it directly onto Christmas paper (later folded in half) to make a card. People loved the year-in-review poem and requested I continue it as a tradition. My card has evolved and "devolved". I deemed it too much effort to find big-enough envelopes and print the poems "just so" on each page, when I was letting my Christmas-card stock sit in their boxes (and the preprinted cards were stiffer so didn't flop easily). Then along came free cards in the mail! So now I print my poem on plain white paper, cut it to fit the store-bought (no-need-to-decorate-with-stickers) cards (plus those I've bought, either with Santa and/or with cartoons), and mail off over 60 of them.
Have I written my poem yet? Nope. So there answers your question about whether I've mailed them or not! Perhaps I'll get it done later this week (it's a several-day process). I am not worried. People usually receive them close to Christmas so that I am as up-to-date as possible with my year-in-review (so no sense in writing the poem in November). If anyone were to complain, I'd just take them off my list, plain and simple. They know it's MUCH easier to just sign a card and add a line, so most of them have told me how much they appreciate my efforts to prompt me to continue. It takes less than an hour for me to write between 10 and 14 stanzas, and this year should be easier because I've highlighted on my calendar all the new things I want to mention. It takes several hours to print them off, type something original for everyone at the bottom of the poem (sometimes 2 sentences and sometimes up to 5), but I know my efforts are appreciated.

Debby said...

I do both. I love sending and receiving cards.

Mary Preston said...

Laney4 I am so totally impressed. I think, like you said, that people really do appreciate the EXTRA effort you put in.

I have never been one for sending cards. If I am not going to see the person, in person, over the holiday period I telephone them up for a chat. Probably cheaper to send cards, but it's lovely to catch up.

Eli Yanti said...

I knew my mom has been in a better place in heaven :)

Has been long time ago I don't send any cards, just sending greeting via message or email :)

CrystalGB said...

I love the cheerful cards with Santa or snowmen on them.

Charlotte McFall said...

I love receiving and sending cards. I received one from an author friend the other day and I cried because it touched me and was a great surprise x

GladysMP said...

Hubby was smart and got his cards addressed early. He sends them to many friends from the service. I finished addressing our cards to friends and family last night. I always pin the cards we receive on wide red and green velvet ribbons and hang them on the wall in our entry. I have noticed that when friends visit during the Holidays they always look to see their card. The cards make a beautiful display put on the wall in that manner. I can usually get an idea of what color predominates for cards each year and one year I was very surprised to get so many cards with the color black predominating. This year it is blue so far. Last year we received two sets of identical cards from four friends who didn't even know each other or live in the same towns.


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