Thursday, December 05, 2013

Advent Calendar Day 4

It's been a wild  day today.  I know there have been much wilder, fiercer storms all over the world this year - but today's howling wind and flying tree branches, were more than enough for me. I can't say I enjoyed the feeling of having the car been blown towards the centre of the road -  or having flying branches hit the windscreen. It made me think of everyone who has been hit by the ferocious force of nature this year   - and hope there are beginning to pick themselves and their lives back up  a bit now.,

It also worried me for the people in my area - along the Lincolnshire /East Anglia  coastline where they are being hit by a ferocious storm surge, threatened with floods and desalination as the high water time approaches. I hope every manages to stay safe  - and I'd  hope, dry and warm.  Keep inside - and look after yourselves, wherever you are.

That's partly why I;'m a bit late posting this blog today - the other is the reason why I went out and about - I was looking for stocking fillers.  For me, stockings are one of the very best bits of Christmas traditions. I love collecting up small gifts, ones that I know will make my loved ones smile - or, preferably , laugh - and there's little I like more than Christmas morning with everyone curled up on the bed (Charlie the cat included) with mugs of tea (OK - that's not for Charlie!), everyone delving into their stocking and pulling out a small, funny, pretty, interesting gift.  I know my son is grown up and he and his lovely partner have a home of their own now  but - well, no one's  too old to have a Christmas Stocking are they?

So that's today's question - do you still have Christmas stockings - or give them to the 'kids' on Christmas morning?

What sort of things do you put in them?   I know my parents always put an annual in with ours - and the plan was that we were to sit and read the book so as not to wake mother and father too early - it worked sometimes!

As stocking fillers are small, lovely little packages, I have a couple of copies of the novella - The Duke's  Secret Wife to give away to someone who comments this time.  The Duke's Secret Wife came out originally in   Society  Weddings (with Sharon Kendrick) in  2002 and then was republished in the Centenary celebrations in 2008.

Isabelle's secret marriage to Don Luis de Silva seems to be over. But the heir to the dukedom of Madriagalo demands that she return to Spain with him and pretend to be his fiancée - and then his wife! What does Luis have to gain from this reunion - except Isabelle?

I don't have a photo of Charlie with his Christmas Stocking - but  I know he won't mind if I share this lovely one of the late, great Dylan (just for you Biddy!)  who obviously knew that Santa Could be expected to come down the chimney!

Keep safe everyone out in the wild winds.


Charlotte McFall said...

We used to do Christmas stockings for the boys, putting a car, colouring book and crayons and sweets. Now they too old for that. Although my two fur babies love getting a pet stocking each

Laney4 said...

When I was growing up, my parents always put an orange in the bottom of my sock (even though I didn't exactly enjoy oranges at the time); I think they got the oranges for free from my dad's work, so it saved them on the cost of filling the entire stocking. I used to put colouring books, crayons, and dinky toys in my kids' stockings, as well as chocolate.
Today my kids are 26 and 28 - the ages I was when I gave birth to them! We all four (and now my daughter's boyfriend) have our own stockings. All of us have put all sorts of things in there - Avon products like bubble bath, gloves, socks, calendars, pens, and even underwear - plus chocolate bars and various sweets from the bulk store. I must admit we often have to set things behind the stocking because it is too full....
Would love to read The Duke's Secret Wife....

Anonymous said...

We used to have stockings, but now that we are all grown older, we no longer keep that tradition. We used to get oranges in our stockings as well as small toys and candy.


Samantha Hodges said...

I used to have a stocking. Mama would put candy, bubble gum,and little stocking stuffers. I think I had a book in my stock one year. I loved getting a stocking at Christmas. But know that I am older I don't.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

I have four stockings, one for each of the kids and I usually put sweets and chips in them. Crisps are called chips here. The kids enjoy the bit of excitement excitement. They usually get bigger gifts too, but I don't generally wait until Christmas morning to give them those.

Mary Preston said...

My children are grown now, so we don't have the bigger stockings.

However, when they were children my Mother gave them each a small stocking to hang on the Christmas tree. Each Christmas when we decorate the tree the stockings are added. I pop in a few of their favorite chocolates. Usually at the last minute, and straight from the freezer, because Christmas day is always sweltering.

Kirsten said...

I have crafted two Christmas stockings for my cat(s). Sadly one of them is no longer with me. But as I made him this stocking, I continue to hang it up for Christmas. He's always with me in my heart and deserves to be remembered on all days, especially at Christmas.

Both my cats love(d) this holiday & "helped" me unpack the many decorations... A little clumpsy and not extremely helpfull these elves. Never mind we had a blast togehter!!

Love your cats stocking too Kate :D Nice and BIG!!
Already have this book on my keepers shelf so...

Eli Yanti said...

I wish I celebrate Christmas and put stocking every year :)

bn100 said...

Don't use stockings


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