Monday, December 23, 2013

Stocking Filler winners and one last chance to win

Charlie has been busy picking winners for the advent calendar here and on my Newsletter list. It was a hard time fitting in time for him to do this job as there has been so very much to do, and he was a bit harassed by a small black and white kitten who kept wanting to join in - obviously I'm going to have to train her up so that she can pick some winners next year!

Anyway, there are some winners  names to announce  so here we go -

The winners of stocking filler books are:
Carol  - who wins Kept for Her Baby
Maria - who has to decide whether to pick Kept for Her Baby or The Greek Tycoon's  Unwilling Wife!

And Lidia - who hasn't  named a book, but she can let me know about that.

Charlie also picked some winners from my newsletter list -
Andrea  K
Jane K
Sheila F
So tomorrow is Christmas Eve - can you believe it?  How did it get here that fast?
What do you do on Christmas Eve? Is it all bustle and organizing - baking  - wrapping ? Or do you get together with family?  Do you eat a special meal on Christmas Eve ? Or do you end up working on preparations right to the last minute?  I'll be out at 6am making sure I get fresh bread for the holidays.

I have a friend whose family opens their presents on Christmas Eve? Does anyone  else do that? I know the royal family do too - so you'd be in esteemed company!

The giveaway book this time is my most recent title - A Throne For The Taking . . .

A kingdom's safety...
Betrayed by those she loves, Honoria Escalona must now face the only man capable of bringing stability to the Mediterranean kingdom of Mecjoria. A cold, hard man who once called her his friend... Alexei Sarova-the true King of Mecjoria.
In exchange for her happiness
But Alexei's tortuous past has changed him into someone she hardly knows. He blames Ria's family for his bitterness, and his help-when he offers it-comes with a price: he'll take his rightful place as King with Ria as his wife, until she produces a true-blood heir...

Tell me about your Christmas Eve and you'll be in with a chance of winning a copy.

Oh - and  little Ruby says that she loves her new home . . . and  this Christmas stuff  is very exciting  - she's already climbed the Christmas Tree three times . . .
But it's also very very tiring . . .


Laney4 said...

No thanks on the book this time, Kate. Of COURSE I've enjoyed it already!
As for Christmas Eve, this year I'll be wrapping in the daytime (as I just bought the last of the presents today and have badminton tonight), Church after supper, then checking out Christmas lights on the way to a house party, then back here to probably finish up the wrapping (as what are the odds that other priorities will jump in too).
All the best to you and your family, Kate.

sleepysian said...

I'm going to be busy getting the house ready for Christmas Day and I'll be going to children's mass in the evening. Have a good Christmas Kate x

Debby said...

Christmas Eve is a family time. When the kids were little we opened family presents so I could keep track of who to thank for what when the kids talked to everyone. Now we wait until Christmas Day. Enjoy your Christmas.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Thanks Kate and thanks Charlie. Kate I'll email you.

Eli Yanti said...

I never meet people who open christmas present on christmas eve, but there is not exciting anymore then if not open when christmas time

Mary Preston said...

Christmas Eve is a very relaxed time for us. We have pizza and watch a DVD. After dinner we open up one Christmas gift each. The other gifts we open up after church in the morning.

No one is in a roaring hurry when it comes to opening up the Christmas gifts - it's loads of fun - so the kettle goes on first. It's leisurely & civilised and family.

bn100 said...

already opened the presents

Lois said...

Wow, that was quick with the book I won - got it yesterday! :) Well, yep, the presents are already open - I never seem to win on that, I always hope to wait for Christmas Day, but just never happens. LOL And just quiet here, both today and tomorrow.

Merry Christmas! :)



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