Friday, January 03, 2014

First Friday - Pink Hearts

It's  January 3rd and so it's the first Friday of the month. And , as with 2013, the first Friday of each month is when I post over atThe Pink Heart Society so that's where you'll find me today.

The First Friday Date With Kate will stay the same this year, for the PHS, The other regular guest post I do will be at Tote Bags and Blogs as before - but instead of the first Sunday of each month, that pot will now be on the 12th of every month from now on. So I'll be posting over there on the 12th January - which, now I've checked the calendar, will actually be a Sunday this month. But from then on it will be just whichever day the 12th falls

If you go and read the Pink Heart Blog, you'll see that I'm admitting to not being as organised as I'd like. I deliberately took some time over the Christmas break to stay away from the computer and work-related things  so there's a bit  of catching up to do! (A bit - now there's an understatement!)

I have sent out prizes to everyone who has contacted me  so hopefully the books will reach you just as soon as the mail can manage it.

There is one last winner who hasn't been announced - and that was the winner of the Christmas Eve giveaway - Charlie was too busy playing with Ruby's toys and trying to follow her up the Christmas tree - to be interested in  picking a winner   but now that things have calmed down a but, he has picked

as the winner of a copy of A Throne For The Taking.   Sian please send me your postal address so |I can
send you your prize.

Now I'm going back to my 'To Do' list - maybe by the end of the weekend I'll be a bit more organised - or I'll just have a while new set of To Do Lists to work on.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year - and that 2014 will give you lots of happy days, joyful times and  love to leave you with truly happy memories.
#And everyone in the UK who is afflicted by the torrential rain, high winds and flooding  - keep safe - and, hopefully - dry!

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