Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Little and Large 2

Someone  - well, several people actually, who saw the previous picture of Charlie and Ruby  on the settee, wondered what the difference in size looked like when they were standing on the floor.

Well, they don't often stand beside each other very much at the moment - if Ruby comes alongside Charlie it's because she wants to bop him on the  ear - or on his tail - so that he will chase her. They spend a lot of time thundering up and down stairs, one chasing after the other.

But they do pause for breath when they get hungry and it's time to eat - so I was able to snatch this photo  while things were quiet the other day.

This is as close as they get together when it's food time!
But you can see the difference!

Ruby has grown a lot since she arrived - but she'll have to go a long way to match Charlie!


Caroline said...

Gosh they are definitely "Little and Large"! Caroline x

Kaelee said...

Lovely picture of your four footed family. It's great to see them comfortable to eat almost side by side.

Mary Preston said...

A massive difference in size, but both beautiful.


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