Thursday, January 09, 2014

Settling in

I've had lots of inquiries to see how Ruby is doing and if she's settling in well. The answer is, yes, it's  now really seeming as if she has always been here. She picked me out at the Cats' Protection shelter and she has  pretty obviously felt at home from the moment she arrived.

She has grown so fast - acquiring very long legs so I'm not sure what size she might end up as when she is a fully grown cat.  Nothing like the huge cat that Charlie is, but then he's a Maine Coon so it's in  the breed. At the moment she still looks like a little bit dropped off Charlie - see the photo for  size comparison!

She is slowly winning Charlie over.  From growling and hissing  for two day,s they moved in to tolerating each other from a distance. Now they often touch noses in greeting and  have started to play with each other a little. The only trouble is that size of Charlie's. When he plays chasing and pouncing he is a bit awesome and  there have been some bloodcurdling shrieks from Ruby when she feels overwhelmed.

But she's working on growing to  even out the difference. She had her second set of vaccinations on Tuesday and has put on 0.5 kilo since she arrived. She has also lost the harsh, roughness of her coat and is starting to look really glossy and sleek.  She is also a total charmer - no one can resist her , not even Charlie, even if he does try to play the Alpha Male who is determined to keep his distance!  A perfect feline Modern Romance going on before my eyes!


HollyJacobs said...

Kate, She's beautiful…and very lucky to have found her forever home with you!


Donna Alward said...

Lovely! She's adorable. She'll have Charlie under her paw in no time!

Caroline said...

So pleased she is settling in. She looks lovely. Caroline x

Kaelee said...

Isn't getting the family dynamics sorted a wonderful thing? Some cats just take to each other right off the bat and others need a bit of time. I'm glad your two are making their way towards being happy with each other.

LindaC said...

Great picture! Yes, I can imagine that she was a bit overwhelmed by all that size coming at her,especially since they don't know each other that well yet. It will all work out.


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