Wednesday, September 19, 2007

. . . and Caerleon

And to answer Ayla's question in the comments section. . .

Hey kate!Where would i go to sign up for next years caerleon writers holiday (if indeed a non writer can go?)Thanks!

Ayla - check out the Writers' Holiday web site here and you'll get all the information you need.

Anyone can go - whatever level of writing you're at, beginners to multi published. Sadly, I won't be able to make it next year, but I'll be teaching there in 2009


Ayla said...

It is so very weird to click on a blog and see your name in it. Thanks for answering, caerleon is the uni my fiance is at, so i've been up a few times and it's nice.

I might go this coming year, but it's a shame i wont get to see you as i was hoping to meet and take one of your classes maybe =).

Ayla said...

hey, me again. would it still be the same price if i bought someone with me, or do they have to pay too? i cant seem to find it on the site...
oh this is counting on the fact my fiance probably wont want to come on the talks with me =)

Kate Walker said...

Ayla, the cost is per person because that's for accomodation and food as well - it doesn't matter how many classes/talks they do or don't want to go to - so you would each have to pay


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