Monday, September 17, 2007

Click to help

The Hunger SiteAs you probably know, October is Breast Cancer awareness month. But I wanted to get a head start on that. So if you look in the sidebar just under the PHS logo, you'll see that I've added a special link to the Breast Cancer site.
If you click on that it will take you to the site where you can help provide free mammograms by just clicking on the link - no cost to you and very little effort on your part.
The reason I've put this up early is because the site's premier sponsor Bare Necessities has promised to provide and extra 100 mammograms if they reach their target of 4,500,000 clicks this month. They have reached 71% of their goal but they still need all the clicks they can get. So why not just take a moment, make two clicks and know that you've helped?

And while you're there, add another few clicks for the other site - The Hunger Site, Child Health etc . The Literacy Site provides books to children in need and they too have a special promotion. If they can provide 20,000 books from the clicks they get then their sponsors will match this with another 20,000.
As someone who love books as I do - and if you're visiting this blog you probably do too- that seems a great aim to me.
And please, why not click through each site every time you visit here? It'll only take a few seconds. You're going to be moving on anyway - so why not go via these great sites?


Teagan Oliver said...

Great minds think alike, Kate. I just posted a breast cancer awareness reminder on my site and I urge everyone to not only donate, but to get checked.

Dena said...

Hi Kate, I hope everyone clicks away everyday. I have been going to those sites everyday I am online and click for all the worthy causes now for over a year.It's easy and there are some really cool other things on the sites as well.They just updated them too.I'm glad your spreading the news so more people now will visit.


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