Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thank you

First of all, a heartfelt thank you from me and the BM - and from Spiff, Dylan and Sid - thank you to everyone who posted a comment or sent me a private email yesterday. Every single one of them was appreciated and they all brought tears to m eyes - tears of gratitude for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

Thank you too to Anne McAllister and Anna Louise Lucia who remembered Bob with special posts on their blogs . He would have been fecking honoured.
There are those who would talk in terms of 'just a cat' - but a living creature who has shared you life for 18 years and has a distinct personality could never be 'just' anything - certainly not Mr R Redford. I was the one honoured to live with him and to have known him for so long.

So now I need to concentrate hard on a book that is rapidly becoming a rock around my neck - not because of the book itself but because of the complications of ordinary life around it. This seems like a good excuse to post a little extra inspiration to brighten the day and remind me of who I - and my heroine Jessica - are dealing with.
Yes, that helps.

And I should remind you that the Pink Heart Society first birthday celebrations are still going on - they're on all month. Right now the great Pink Heart Society Treasure Hunt is on - and the prize at the end of the month is a great big hamper full of books and other bits and pieces donated by the author members of the PHS. So if you haven't visited the PHS blog for a while, I suggest you get yourself over there and start tracking down the Treasure Hunt blogs and seeing what gifts are being given to the Litttle Pink Dancing Guy for his very first birthday so you can be in the running for this major prize.

Look out for the Treasure Hunt logo and you'll be taken to some great blogs - and have the chance to win!

Today's birthday present is over on the Iheart Presents blog - and really I had to avert Sid's eyes when I saw it. He has warned me that there will be no pink dye jobs where he is concerned. Want to know what I'm talking about? Check out the blog - but you might need sunglasses!

In my role as a PHS Columnist, I shall have another post up on the PHS blog next week - oh no - not next week - I just checked and it's this Friday 14th - eeek! Where is the time going?

More inspiration needed!

Right - Back to the word mines and if you see an editor with a big whip, I wasn't here - OK?

And thank you all again. What lovely friends and readers and reader-friends I have.

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