Monday, September 03, 2007

The Hugh Jackman Tour 2007

I have two facts for you this morning -

1. Writing - as I'm sure you know - is hard work. And doing research for a book is really really hard work :O )


2. I love the Pink Heart Society Editors very much indeed - and I love the PHS and everything they've done with it. So when they ask me to join in with things, I'm so veryglad to do so . . .

But they are such hard taskmasters . . . (Taskmistresses?) They demand so much of me.

Take today for instance - they want me to share in the 2nd Annual Hugh Jackman Tour.

And in order to do so, this means that I have to do some pretty heavy duty research - I have to hunt the internet for photographs of Hugh Jackman.

Hugh was the PHS's very first Male on Monday and the event was so popular that contributions to the Hugh Gallery appeared all over the internet, on blogs and websites all over the world. So this year as part of their 1st Birthday Celebrations, the PHS Eds in their wisdom - and very wise ladies they all are! ; O) - have declared the Hugh Jackman Tour an annual event.

So I not only have to go looking for photos of Mr Jackman - I'm supposed to display my favourite.


Can the man take a bad photo? Is there a mood in which he looks better - best?

No - can't be done - and this is why the annual tour was inaugurated so that we can share the hard done research and the important inspiration that reults from it.

So here are my contributions for this year. If you want more, head for the PHS and check out the comments section in the Male On Monday post today and you will find the other blogs that you can visit on the HJ Tour


But can I just remind you that, no matter what Anne McAllister, she of the wonderfully revamped website, may post on her blog today - Hugh in a Towel is mine -( with a little help from Julie Cohen who first drew my attention to him) Thank you Julie - I always knew you have wonderful taste.

And I posted Hugh in a towel yesterday so to include him in the tour, just scroll down to Sunday's post


Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Wow! This research business is such hard work, but looking at the pics you have, it's SO worth it!

julie Cohen said...

Hey, I'm always happy to introduce a lady to Hugh in a towel.

Trish said...



Did you know if you CLICK on Kate's pics they all go HHHUUUUGGGGGEEEEEEE???????????????

uh-huh uh-huh they DO. And may I just say - that last pic and the one in the road in BIG SIZE - oddearsweetlordupabove!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I need a cup of sweet tea to calm down....

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Lucky I'm not faint of heart on awakening in the morning. :D WOOT!!! Kate, {{{HUGS}}} for your great research. You captured different personalities in Hugh's hot photos - all fantastic. Hugh rocks!!!

Hugs, JJ/Blue

Anne McAllister said...

Well, I can see that now I'm awake I have some research to do. Pity I'm still on the road or I'd be sorting through my Hugh folder (yes, of course I have one) for all the best. But seeing as I don't travel with it (though I'm sure that can be remedied by adding it to my USB drive next trip -- for emergencies, you know) I'll go look for a few good uns.

Lovely pix, Kate!

liz fenwick said...

Thank you lovely Kate. I'm smiling :-)

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Oh! I hadn't seen that rain one...good find!

Dena said...

Love the pics Kate, I know it's hard work but some one has to do it! thanks


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