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Top Ten Books and Winners - and more

I have a lot of bits and pieces to post today so let's get started
Sid thanks everyone who sent him birthday wishes. He has celebrated his birthday by enjoying cat crunchies and picking winners:
So the very last, final prize for the Great Big Blog Party Caerleon Special goes to Kimberly L

Kimberly please send me your snail mail address and copy of Jane Wenham-Jones' Perfect Alibis will be on its way to you. More winners in a moment.

Next piece of important news - Anne McAllister has had a total revamp of her website and the wonderful new look is up now. The new look is to celebrate the publication of Anne's latest book The Boss's Wife for a Week which is out now in the UK and in October in Presents. I'm lucky enough to have my own copy already on my TBR mountain - all I need it a little extra time and no deadline to be able to read it. (Now where have I heard that before?)

Other important new - the Pink Heart Society birthday celebrations will be going on all month so keep an eye on their blog to find out what's going on. There's a whole lot of wonderful things lined up for your entertainment and delight and fabulous prizes to be won. Things start in fine form - in very, very, very fine form - with the annual (well it is now) Hugh Jackman Tour 2007 . You'll need to check out the PHS blog again for the details but just in case anyone else tries to jump the gun here then let me get in early and stake my claim.

No matter what others - who call themselves my friend - people with brand spanking new websites - may claim - Hugh in a towel is mine. I just let her borrow him every now and then.

Still on the topic of PHS, I have to apologise to Jenna who came over here hotfoot to see the famous pink shoes that I was wearing all day to celebrate the Birthday - and life had swamped me so I didn't get around to posting a pic of them. So - just for Jenna - here are the perfect pink shoes ---->

What next?

Oh yes - I have the final results of the


as voted for by the readers. Actually, this is the Top Twenty.

Out of interest I've put the results from the last time I did this (2004) in brackets alongside so you can see that some books have held their places . Someof course weren't around then

A Sicilian Husband (The Twelve Month Mistress)
The Italian's Forced Bride (Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife)
The Sicilian's Wife (A Sicilian Husband)
Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride (The Sicilian's Wife)
The Antonakos Marriage (Wife for a Day)
The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife (Desert Affair)
Wife For A Day (Their Secret Baby)
Desert Affair (Bound by Blackmail)
12 Month Mistress (The Christmas Baby's Gift)
The Hostage Bride (The Groom's Revenge)
Bound By Blackmail (The Hired Husband)
At The Sheikh's Command (The Hostage Bride)
Fiancee By Mistake (Constantine's Revenge)
The Married Mistress (His Miracle Baby)
Leap in the Dark (The Married Mistress)
The Christmas Baby's Gift (Her Secret Bridegroom)
Their Secret Baby (Saturday's Bride)
Constantine's Revenge (The Unexpected Child)
Rafael's Love- Child (Game of Hazard)
The Hired Husband (Give and Take)

(Looking at this list, all I can say is there must be something about those Sicilians. Even though it's only just published, The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge came in a #21 this time, just missing this list by a vote.)

Dis also picked the final set of winners from the voters and the lucky winners are:

Jean M from Broomfield Colorado
Lily D from Canada
Donna Howard from Van Buren Arizona
Peggy Q
Gail H from Junction Kentucky

I'll be emailing the winners but if you spot your name here then please send me your postal address so I can organise your prize for you

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Trish said...

ALRIGHT - I STILL covet those shoes!!! TRULY!



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