Thursday, September 20, 2007

Busy - Back Soon

I'm dashing in and dashing out again this morning. Writing this while the kettle boils and then - well, pretty soon after that - I'm on my way out the door.

I'm off to London to play the Lady Novelist for a couple of day. Tonight I'm meeting with a bunch of Modern/Presents novelists for dinner. And then tomorrow there as a l-o-n-g day of meeting, eating, talking, drinking a little wine (just a little) and talking - and talking . . .

First and most important I'm meeting my very special friend Michelle Reid and her husband - we always book the same hotel. The as I said tonight will be the Presenst dinner. I'm thinking that there really shoud be a good name for a gang of romantic novelists getting together - a passion of novelists? A hug (we certainly do plenty of that) ? A chatter? (We do plenty of that too) Ideas, anyone? Anyway, the dinner will bring together some of the most established stars of the Presents line - and some of the very newest authors to be published. And it's going to be great fun.

Friday will be the annual Association of Mills & Boon Authors lunch. That's in the RAF Club Piccadily. Luckily this is where we always hold it, so they're used to the volume of noise that can be produced by a bunch - a gaggle - a passion . . . of M&B Novelists. Yhis time many of the editorial and Marketing team are joining us and we'll hear about the plans for the coming yers - that important Mills & Boon Centenary year. I'm intrigued to know what they have planned.

From the lunch, we'll probably head for afternoon tea - more eating/talking then HMB are holding a reception which usually involves drinking a little champagne. And then we're meeeting some other friends - writers but not for HMB and we're all going out to dinner and that could go on for a l-o-n-g time . . .

After which we will probably stagger back to out hotel in a state of collapse.

But first I have to catch the train - so I'm off to make the pot of tea and then get on my way. I'll report back when I'm home again - late Saturday or Sunday.


Ray-Anne said...

LOL - women of the same mind eating, drinking and having fun. Most excellent.
Have a wonderful time - maybe next year I will be joining you. Maybe.. [ Ray-Anne sighed whistfully]

Jill said...

A plot of novelists!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Have a fun Lady Novelist couple of days, Kate :D

Hugs JJ/Blue

lidia said...


Have a wonderful time!

You are lucky to be able to take a train to things like that. I'd probably have to drive. Trains are much more fun.


Nell said...

Safe journey, Kate!

Kate Hewitt said...

Have a fabulous, Kate--I'm sure you will. I wish I could be there--give us all the gossip and news when you return!

Kate H.

lara said...

how about A Round of Novelists? not that you always seem to be drinking!u


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