Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weekend roundup

First of all - and most important - I've still got time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favourite people - and favourite authors.

Today is Michelle Reid's birthday so Happy, Happy Birthday Michelle.

Michelle has a brand-new book, The Markonos Bride out this month and she is planning a revamp and relaunch of her web site - so watch that space.

Next - I've been swamped with Spaniards this week. The latest, Santos, has been tweaked within an inch of his life and sent back to my editor. So I hope she loves him even more now.

And the other Spaniard, Raul, is starting to appear in the Presents edition in America. The book isn't actually on sale in the shops until the end of this month, but Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is on sale on eHarlequin here as a print book or here as an ebook.

And Harlequin now has this widget which means that you can 'Browse the book' and have a look inside and a sneak preview before you buy. I just hope it works here.

And while I'm talking about reading - and eHarlequin - I'd like to draw your attention to the great 100,000 Book Challenge that is running on the eHarlequin site all year. This is an easy and fun way to make a contribution to charity - in this case, the National Center for Family Literacy - just by reading (and if you're visiting here, you're more than likely to be reading anyway) and then writing a short review of the books you read so that they can be added to the total read all together.

The goal this year is to read a total of 100,000 books thanks to the combined Community team and individual efforts. When the reading challenge ends on December 31, 2008, Harlequin will make an unprecedented donation of an equivalent number of books to the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) to assist them in their challenge to fight illiteracy.

And all you have to do is read and record the books you've read! You need to be registered for the eHarlequin community to post your reviews but that doesn't cost or involve you in anything else and it's easy to do. I've been so busy that I've only managed to post 7 reviews so far - writing books/ launching books etc doesn't leave enough time to actually read them - but this is a Bank Holiday weekend and I've done my revisions, so I'm hoping to add to that total. (Right now I'm reading Annie West's The Greek Tycoon's Unexpected Wife and loving it)

If you want to know more, then there's an introduction and all the rules here

Jayne from eHarlequin has written some clear and helpful instructions about how to post up a review so that it can be counted

Finally I've discovered another stockist for 12PGTWR2 - in the UK at least.

WHSMith online has the book for sale with a 34% saving (£7.25) - and if you're one of the thousands of people who have a WHSmith points card you can get points on this purchase too. This should mean that the book will be asy to order from a WHSmith shop if you prefer.


Dina said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Jan Jones said...

Swamped by Spaniards. Now there's a thought for the weekend.

Jane said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle.

Kate Hardy said...

Belated happy birthday to Michelle :o)

Donna Alward said...

Happy Birthday to Michelle!

I am reading SBIW right now!

lidia said...

A very belated birthday greeting to Michelle. Hope you had a great day!

I read "The Marokonos Bride" and loved it. A fabulous reunion story -- full of emotion, meddling families, grief -- definitely a "keeper."

Kate Hardy said...

And happy birthday to YOU for today (7th) - have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

From Michelle Reid

Well look at this! A HUGE birthday cake from Kate!

Thanks Kate!

And thanks to everyone else for the Happy Birthdays!

Also - sorry to be late in here. After a long weekend being inundated by visitors I only recovered today---might also have something to do with my age...

Michelle R who is not saying how old she is


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