Monday, December 29, 2008

. . .and Sid

Sid the Cat is a little peeved.
A year of Flora, he says. A year of The Floozie. Yes, she's the new girl on the block, but what about Old Faithful (not that he's old of course! Just mature. In his Prime.) What about A Cat of Superior Breeding?

And I can hear his many fans (specially Anne McAlllister) endorsing his question and saying 'hear, hear' - and what about Sid?

I did have to point out that in 2006 (was it really that long ago?) we had a full Year of Sid - all year long - once every month with the Cat Calendar. And Anne McA has a full year of Sid this year - for the second time - in the shape of the special calendar he made for her for the whole of 2008. It has all her family on it too - well, almost all - he didn't reckon on the two extra grandchildren in production - predicted for April and July. And his dear friend Gunnar the Great is on there too even though, sadly, Gunnar left for the Rainbow Bridge in December.

So Anne has a Sid Calendar to look at any time she wants. And it's her fault that Sid was away eating Greenies - Greenies she sent him - when I was writing about Flora.

But yesterday my head started to clear. My Christmas gift this year was a stinking chest infection that descended on Christmas Eve and had flattened me ever since. Today I can actually breathe just about normally - and my head had started to loose the fog that clouded it for the last few days. And so yesterday, I was able to help Sid with his other Christmas present. (I'm not keen on Greenies so I leave those to him)

Because Anne wasn't the only person to send Sid a Christmas Gift. Lovely Heather from We Write Romance who maintains my web site for me included a little something in her Christmas Greetings to me - something she hoped Sid would enjoy wearing. Sid isn't all that keen on wearing things. The time I tried to get him to wear a Santa Hat for Christmas photos is a case in point - lots of pix of A Santa Hat falling to the ground as Sid disappeared FAST.

But he took one look at Heather's gift, and reconsidered. The red velvet was very fine - and festive - the gold on the fastening and the attachment was striking too. And if no one whispered that the crystals in the little gold heart might look a little - er - feminine? - then he was prepared to give it a go. It did, after all, come from a real fan of his.

And if I offered some more Greenies, then that was OK with him.

So - here is Sid the Cat's Official Christmas/New Year portrait. With many thanks to Heather. And I hope all his fanas are happy now.


Ann Victor said...

Message from Theodora: Sir Sid, I love you. You are still the fairest of them all. Polite purr.

Message from Josephina: GRRRssst! (beats her sister off with a vicious claw) Getawayfromhim! He's mine! SID! I LOVE YOU, YOU HANDSOME FELLA! PURRRPURRRPPURRR!!!

Ann Victor said...

PS Hope you feel better soon and your chest infection clears up properly!


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