Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Books 2 - Ellen Hartman

The second author who has generously donated a book to the Christmas Stocking Stuffed With Books this year is a new friend I made at RWA in San Francisco. We actually met when we were both wearing our nightclothes!

This was at the traditional eHarlequin Pajama Party that is one of the most fun parties held at RWA each year. Everyone - authors, eHarlequin hosties and even Harlequin editors and management turn up in their nightwear. It's impossible not to have fun when everyone's in PJs. I always make a lot of friends there.

And this time I met Ellen Hartman. We had a lot of fun that first evening playing word games with adjectives. I met Ellen several times after that - and I know I took her photograph because I'd already asked her to join in the Christmas Stocking contest. I did take her photograph - honest - but I can't find it anywhere - it has rather spookily vanished. So I'm lucky that Ellen sent me this 'official' photo that I can use.

Ellen writes for SuperRomance - and you have to want to read books by someone whose web site declares : Love is no joke. But it sure is funny.

(And having spent a couple of great evenings in Ellen's company, I know she has a wonderful sense of humour)

The book that Ellen has donated to the Christmas Stocking has a wonderful, intriguing title and a summary that just makes you want to grab the book and start reading.

His Secret Past

One Night Changed His Life Forever

Mason Star spent his teens living the fast life on the road with his band. Tragedy struck one rainy night when his tour bus crashed and a young fan was killed. Fifteen years later, Mason is struggling with his own teenage son who wants to quit high school and with the local zoning board that wants to take his home.

Anna Walsh may be able to save his bacon but she just might ruin his life in the process.

Here's Ellen's latest news about what's coming up for her in 2009

Here is my 2009 news:Fifteen years ago, JT McNulty's pregnant girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal and his parents kicked him out of the house. When he comes home for his mother's funeral, he comes face to face with his past. Find out what happens in "The Boyfriend's Back," coming in May 2009.

In December 2009, it's JT's brother, Charlie's turn. Charlie McNulty grew up in the messy shadow thrown by his parents' chaotic marriage. He vowed he would live a rational life, safely defined by logical choices. What happens when he finds himself falling for a single mom with a troubled child and a tendency toward public drama?

There's a little bit more news - when Ellen wrote me this summary, she didn't know that her second book, Wanted Man is going to be her first UK publication and it's out in January. So if you live in the UK look out for that one.

Here's a short summary of Wanted Man:

A mystery author. A single mom.

Nathan Delaney is on the lam and needs to stay hidden. Rhian MacGregor has had her fill of love and then some.
When two people trying to stay out of love can't help falling into love, how will they ever make it work?

Liberal doses of homemade cupcakes, basketball lessons, rock and roll, and romance, of course!
Throw in an evil talk show host, a Pepto Bismol pink house, two best friends, and one eight-year-old boy. Rhian and Nathan's lives will never be the same

If you want to know more about Ellen and her books, check out her website here

These days I mostly catch up with Ellen by email or on eHarlequin - and that reminds me that I have to tell you that tomorrow, December 11th is the date for the annual eHarlequin Open House. Every year dozens of Harlequin authors visit the eHarlequin web site and chat with readers as part of the Christmas celebrations - many of them give away prizes as well. This year, there will be over 100 authors visiting and chatting - you can check out the guest list here.

The Open House is on all day long so why not come and join us? I hope I'll see you there.


Ellen said...

Dear Kate,

I enjoy your blog--it has so much of your "in person" tone--friendly, smart, witty, generous. Thanks for inviting me to be here!

I'm thrilled to know that Wanted Man is out in the UK this month. I loved that book more than the rest--don't tell the others.

Have fun with the contest! Good luck to folks who enter,

Donna Alward said...

I'm hoping to make the open house, if our power stays on. Ice storm headed our direction.

And I can't wait to meet Ellen in person. I'll squeal and be a total idiot. That woman cracks me up without ever trying. I just love her.

Ellen said...

Donna--thanks for your kind words! I enjoy getting up to tricks with you. How many days until it's summer?

P.S. I have excerpts of my books on my website in case anyone wants to "sample" the merchandise!

Happy Reading!


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