Thursday, December 04, 2008

Busy, Blizzards, Birds and Books

The details of the Christmas Stocking Contest are just about sorted. And tomorrow I will have news about my other annual 12 Days of Christmas Contest. (Newsletter readers get the information first so if you want to be one of the favoured ones, you can sign up at Yahoo, using the link in the sidebar or on my web site)

It's a good day to be inside working, the wind is howling, the snow whirling and the temperature is icy. Princess Flora took one look at the outside world and said 'No way!' Or meows to that effect. So it's a day to be snug indoors. If you have to be out today then I hope the weather is rather less vile where you are and that you and your loved ones keep safe and sound whatever it's like.

The blizzard conditons means that I have been out organising food supplies for the various wildlife friends in the garden. There is left-over cat meat in the tunnel of Hedgehog Towers so that they don't have to venture into the snow to find anything to eat. I'm not totally sure that Mini Heck the littlest newborn came foraging often enough to stoke up enough to see him through the winter without a little help. The suet, seeds and insect treats are on the birdtable (carefully out of the predatory cats' way!) and the mealworms (soaked to make them more appealing) are on the ground feeder for the robins etc. And the baby squirrel was seen stealing peanuts last week so he/she should be OK.

I spent yesterday evening sorting through Christmas gifts and stocking fillers with an idea of getting organised. As many family and friends are abroad or will be abroad for Christmas, those parcels have already been packed up and gone. Many of them are rather book-shaped - OK - most of them are book shaped - whihc makes for easy wrapping and easy postage.

And talking of books and stocking fillers - the Mills & Boon site is having a Winter Sale right now and one of my older titles - The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife - has turned up there for the bargain price of just £0.99p. So if you missed out on that title when it was originally published in November last year, then now's your chance to grab a copy at a bargain price. I know a couple of people who have been looking for it so I'll be able to add that book to their stockings. Along with the copies of The Alcolar Family trilogy 3 in 1 which also makes a great stocking filler.

Which reminds me . . .I've just been looking at the books in this year's Christmas Stocking prize and there are at least three titles that are in my own TBR pile - together with one still on its way to me that I really want to read. (Hint - I love reading first books by new authors . . ) Now as always all I need is some time to read. But at least with Ricardo's story - aka Kept For Her Baby - accepted and bought, I have a little more time to relax with someone else's book.

What about you? Do you have books on your Christmas list? Or are you - like me - seeming to be giving away nothing but books this year?

PS I just checked this through before posting and found that I had given the title of my book in the Winter Sale as The Green Tycoon's Unwilling Wife. M&B meets the Incredible Hulk?

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GladysMP said...

Hi, your weather sounds uninviting; but lightning during a storm here put my computer out of whack and I didn't think all the king's horses and all the king's men were going to be able to get me back on the net. Seriously, a couple of dozen individuals gave a go at it until someone finally solved the problem. My couputer "wouldn't talk to my modem," and no one could decide why.


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