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Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Books 5 - Joanna Maitland

So are you ready for Christmas?

No - me neither. Over on the Pink Heart Blog I vowed that this year would be the year I was not still wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. Well, I still have time to manage that I suppose. I have all the presents anyway. And everything that needs to be posted overseas has gone in the mail. The next lot will be the UK packages some of which are still sitting on the dresser in my hall. The Post Office are already sick of the sight of me and my bundles of parcels.

Of course, the one thing that hasn't been posted yet is the prize from the Christmas Stocking stuffed with books. That's because the contest is still open - but only until the weekend. So get your entries in this week if you want to be in with a chance to win this great prize.

Today's Christmas Stocking author is Joanna Maitland. And the book she has kindly donated is her fabulous Historical Romance His Cavalry Lady. His Cavalry Lady is the first book in The Aikenhead Honours trilogy that tells the story of three gentlemen spies and the women who complicate their lives. Having read the first part, I'm really looking forward to parts two and three and - er - four. (Joanna explains the trilogy in four parts in a moment)

Here are the details of the books in the series:

The Aikenhead Honours
Three gentlemen spies: bound by duty,
undone by women!

The stories of three of England’s most eligible bachelors:
Dominic, Leo, and Jack,
code-named Ace, King, Knave

Together they are
The Aikenhead Honours
A government-sponsored spying ring,
they risk their lives, and hearts,
to keep Regency England safe!

Follow these three brothers on a dazzling journey
through Europe and beyond, as they
serve their country and meet their brides,
in often very surprising circumstances!

Meet the ‘Ace’, Dominic Aikenhead, Duke of Calder
His Cavalry Lady
travelling through England and to the vast expanses of Russia
(published UK September 2008, US/Canada March 2009)

Meet the ‘King’ and renowned rake, Lord Leo Aikenhead
His Reluctant Mistress
among the intrigues of the Congress of Vienna and beyond
(published US/Canada April 2009, UK June 2009)

Meet the ‘Knave’ and incorrigible playboy, Lord Jack Aikenhead
His Forbidden Liaison
braving the dangers of France after Napoleon’s return
(published US/Canada May 2009, UK July 2009)

Obvioulsy, the winner of the Christmas Stocking Contest will win the UK edition because that's the one that's already published, but I've included the USA covers that Joanna sent me because they're great covers - and so that American readers know what to look out for in March and April. For UK readers, the second part of the trilogy will be out in June 2009.

And here's what Joanna has to say about writing this series:

I’m now in the process of writing the fourth part of The Aikenhead Honours Trilogy. Yes, a trilogy in four parts!!

There are actually four members of the Aikenhead Honours spying band: the fourth is Ben Dexter, code-named ‘Ten’, and best friend of Lord Jack Aikenhead. He had to be left behind in Lyons, wounded, during Jack’s book, so it was only fair that I should tell the story of the dangers he met and how he dealt with them. He had help, of course, from a daring French royalist girl who risked her life for him and earned his undying gratitude. And more…

I had such fun writing the trilogy, and following these gorgeous heroes all over Europe, that I was delighted to have an excuse to keep writing about them. Ben’s story will be published as a e-book in Harlequin’s Undone series in the middle of 2009.

I've told you about nearly all the books in the Christmas Stocking, but I still have one special book to tell you about next. Come back tomorrow for the details on this book - the very first novel by one of Harlequin Presents brand new authors. Sabrina Phillips.

And don't forget that the Twelve Days of Christmas Contest is still running over on My Tote Bag so check out that and see if you can win a signed copy of one of my backlist books.

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