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Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Books 4 - Anne McAllister

The writer who has donated today's title to the Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Books will be no stranger to anyone who visits my blog regularly. I make no secret of the fact that I like Anne McAllister's books - and Anne McAllister - very much indeed.

Anne's latest book Antonides Forbidden Wife has already come out in the UK in the Mills & Boon Modern version. It was on the shelves in November, but is still around on Amazon and the M&B site. It's also on my TBR pile. I wanted to read it as soon as I got my hands on it, but at that point I was deep in revisions, 'tweaking' Ricardo, and since Ricardo went on his way to please my editor and turn into Kept For Her Baby, I have been too deeply involved in things like buying and wrapping gifts and writing cards ready for Christmas to pick it up. I like to read Anne's books as a whole, no interruptions, and right now there are too many interruptions so I'm waiting for the right moment to dive into it - and then I won't come up for air until I've finished it.

Here's the blurb on the back of this latest instalment of the Antonides' family story:
Antonides Forbidden Wife
His wife is back – in his bed! No one expected the woman who walked into PJ Antonides’ office to be his wife! But Ally is only back for one thing – a signature on their divorce papers. Ruthless businessman PJ won’t be signing anything. He won’t accept that Ally’s no longer his. And when the smouldering attraction between them moves from his boardroom to his bedroom, PJ knows that his forbidden wife is once again his for the taking…

But as we all know, what's written on the back of the book is so often just a teasing hint at what's inside - so I've asked Anne to tell you a little more about it. After all, she should know!

Here's what Anne has to say:

PJ Antonides was never supposed to be a hero. He was a surfer, for heaven's sake! He appeared in The Antonides Marriage Deal -- where his older brother Elias had the hero role sewn up -- and was annoying and misunderstood and charming by turns. I fell in love with him, but I didn't expect anyone else to. Particularly anyone who knew what Presents/Modern heroes are "supposed to be like."

But when I put off writing the book I had been working on because I needed to think about to some more, the editorial director at HM&B said to me, "Why don't you write about PJ?" I reminded her that PJ didn't exactly come with a Presents CV, and there was a pause and she said in her brisk no-nonsense tone, "Well, I'm sure you'll take care of that."

Turned out I didn't have to. PJ already had. He was, he reminded me, running the company now. He'd stepped in when Elias bailed out (to build boats, no less) and was every bit as capable as his brother. PLUS he'd already sown all his wild oats. He was rock solid now -- except where his wife was concerned.

"Wife?" I said. "What wife?"

Enter Ally Maruyama, the girl PJ had met during his carefree days of surf and sand in Hawaii. Ally needed a favor. PJ offered to help -- and next thing you know, they were husband and wife. On paper at least.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I said.

PJ shrugged. "No point. I mention a wife, no one believes me. She's not here, is she?"

She wasn't. Then. But she showed up --- and proceeded to turn PJ's life (happily for me) upside down. He returned the favor.

I had a book. It's called Antonides' Forbidden Wife. It was a November 2008 release in UK and a January 2009 release as a Presents. In the middle there, I think it may have come out in Down Under. I hope so.

I checked - PJ's story is in fact out in Australia as I wrote this. It's a December 2008 ttile available right now. And the Presents version will be available in January - which means the end of this month. You can browse the book or you can buy an ebook version on eHarlequin now.

Don't forget that I have two contests running at the moment - as well as the Christmas Stocking Stuffed with Books, there is also the 12 Days of Christmas now up on My Tote Bag. 12 prizes on offer between now and Christmas Day.

Oh and talking of 12 Days of Christmas - I'm blogging about that on the Pink Heart Society today where you win a copy of Bedded By the Greek Billionaire. I'm giving books away all over the place - Christmas does that to me!

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