Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Contest Winners and More on Covers

I have winners!

Sid The Cat had to be distracted from inspecting Christmas parcels under the tree - he knows there is one that is full of greenies from his favourite LATP (Lady Across the Pond) Anne McAllister - in order to get him to attend to the serious business of picking a winner or two. But at last he came up with a result and that result is:
Christmas Stocking Stuffed With Books
the two winners are:
Trenda P from Mississippi
Colleen C from Arizona

Trenda and Colleen your prizes will be in the mail today.

The 12 Days of Christmas Contest on AuthorSoundRelations still has one day to go and Lee will be sending out prizes from there too.
And the special winners from my newsletter group are:
Zara H from Alabama
Dena W from Washington

Alicia L from Trinidad and Tobago

I hope the winners enjoy their prizes and thank you to everyone who entered.

Now more about covers. If you read the comments on my earlier post A Question of Covers, you will have seen that I had a special visitor who is deeply involved in the revamp of the Mills & Boon covers that's coming up.

Kathryn from St Luke's the agency which is working on the redesign left a message there - she said:

Hi there I work at St Luke's and we're so excited to be working on the covers. It's really useful to hear your comments (Kate and Liz, thanks so much for visiting the whole buffalo!).

It would be great to hear your thoughts on how you think the covers should reflect the differences in each genre?

Happy Christmas to you all and feel free to visit us at our agency blog, the whole buffalo.

So you could have a chance to influence the way that the thinking of this redesign will go. If you have any ideas, thoughts, things you want to comment on strongly about the covers, then post them here and I'll make sure that Kathryn sees them.

Or head over to St Luke's blog The Whole Buffalo and post a comment there. As they say in the wedding ceremony - speak now or forever hold your peace!


India said...

Happy Christmas Kate! Sending hugs to you, the BM and all the felines for a lovely festive season. Thanks for all being there for me this year (as you always are...)


Trenda said...


Thank you again for holding the lovely contest and hugs to Sid the Cat for choosing my name! My children were delighted with the notion that your kitty selected their mommy's name! (I showed them one of his pictures on your blog.)

Merry Christmas to you!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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