Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Prologue . . .

The prologue . . . I feel very Frankie Howerd, just writing that!

Well, Nikos was right. Telling Sadie the truth at this point really did change things and put the cat amongst the pigeons. So I'm very busy dealing with the fall-out and don't have time for a real post.

So for the writers amongst you, I'll just direct you to a good post on writing Prologues which you can find here.

Personal opinion on prologues?
I don't like them. Most of the time they are, as this blog says, the writer 'writing herself into the story.' I only ever wrote one prologue that I can remember and that was for Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Wife. My then editor wanted one for that book. I didn't. We discussed and - she was a very very good editor - I agreed to write it but only if I could write it the way I wanted. She agreed. The prologue went in. And I've never regretted it.

Finally, I have two cat-loving friends who this morning are having to suffer the great big hole where a beloved cat should be. Michelle and Shirley both lost their cats yesterday ( for poor Michelle it was the second cat in two days.) So I'm sending them huge hugs of sympathy. I've been there not too long ago and I know how awful it feels. I know the hole those lovely creatures will have left in their lives.

So I'm just happy that my own personal hole-filler decided to pose very beautifully so I can celebrate her - and Sid and Dylan of course - on a day when I feel the need to do so.


Shirley Wells said...

Aw, thanks Kate.

Love those photos. They're absolutely adorable!

LindaC said...

Love the photos, Kate. Flora the Floozie is quite the glamor puss, isn't she? Cats are just naturally photogenic. They know they're gorgeous and of course, we tell them that all of the time.


Michelle Styles said...

Thank you Kate.

With prologues, I think the best time to determine if you need one is after you have finished the first draft.

I have only ever done one and that was because when the story actually started, the hero needed to be redeemed. Showing that the hero can be redeemed can be an important function.
But I do get irritated with the current fashion for having a teaser prologue (for example Twilight).

Jenny Haddon said...

Oh, how very sad for Michelle and Shirley, My own resident furball has been ill and I thought he was on the way out this week. (He bounced back after having a horrible abscess drained.) So MUCH sympathy.

I think the trouble with prologues is that they're like asking you to take a breath and hold it - and no one tells you when to breathe out.

Liz Fielding said...

Love the cat pics, Kate.


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