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All About Alphas 17 - Abby Green

Well, how about that - this discussion is being talked about all over the web. I found people mentioning it in the new Mills & Boon Community and then this morning I've discovered that it's also got a mention on the I Heart Presents Blog! If you want to add your comments on what you love about t he Alpha male - or what you've learned about him here - or anything - then you can find the post here.

But don't go before you've read todays post - because we still have a couple of comments to put up before this whole subject is done with.

Today's post makes me think in amazement of just how quickly time has gone by - alpha males discussions, tweaking revisions, Bank Holidays can do that to you.

Just this time last week I was settling back at home after an amazing week in the west of Ireland - in Connemara to be precise. We stayed at Delphi Lodge, a beautiful place where it was so peaceful and quiet you couldn't help but relax, where 'rush hour' meant that there were four or more sheep on the roads, and where I learned more about fly fishing than I ever wanted to. (To be honest I wasn't interested in much of it but as that made up the majority of the conversations over breakfast and dinner, I was sort of obliged to absorb some.)

(If Caroline from Galway is reading this then Hi - and thanks to y0u and Tom for some conversation that wasn't about fish! And Hi too to Sandra and her partner from Paris - it was great to meet you all)
My companion there and the person who found the place, invited me along, generously did all the driving and introduced me to seaweed baths at a nearby spa, was today's author - up and coming Presents star Abby Green. Thanks to Abby I woke to this view every morning from my bedroom window and took my daily walks along lakeside roads edged with yellow gorse while the birds called from every tree. I even heard my very first cuckoo, declaring that it was very definitely spring.

Thank you Abby! Delphi was a glorious place and the memories will stay in my mind for ever.

And thank you too for today's contribution to the alpha discussion.

Here's what Abby has to say:

My Alpha hero is the ultimate man. He is at the top of his game and knows
who he is and what he wants. And invariably what he doesn't want is the
distraction of a female he can't control. He has everything he wants and needs
at his fingertips and has become perhaps a little arrogant (!) along the way
because he is so used to dealing with sycophants and success. However much he
thinks he's not ready for commitment and love, somewhere deep down, he is. And
when our heroine comes along, she effortlessly taps into this need within him.
Even though at the start she might not want commitment either!

The Alpha male is the boy who everyone fell in love with at school,
he's the twenty-something you wanted at college, and now he's the uber-male.
Totally unattainable, unfathomable. Cloaked in an air of mystery, he proves
lethally seductive to anyone with a pulse, and yet the only person fighting that
attraction turns out to be the only person he wants.

Did I mention that he's also, absolutely gorgeous?!

For Abby's next novel, USA readers should look for The Spaniard's Marriage Bargain which is coming in June. Her next UK book will be Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded, which is out in July.
Back in her husband's bed...

Rowan had discovered two things that would change her life forever. The first filled her with joy - she was pregnant! The second was something that she felt compelled to keep to herself - even from her husband...

Rowan had been Isandro Salazar's bride of convenience. But, knowing that he would never love her as she loved him, her choice was to make her unborn child her priority and then, once he was born, make her dark journey by herself...

But in Isandro's eyes Rowan's decision rendered her a gold-digger who had committed the worst possible crime. However, he couldn't stop her seeing her baby son - or deny that the passion between them was as raw and intense as ever...


Annie West said...

Kate, sounds like your visit to Ireland was fantastic. Despite the seaweed baths!

Abby, you know I love your alpha men. Readers are in for a real treat when they pick up your next book. Sexy, strong hero guaranteed!

Great point you make about the heroine tapping into the hero's deep down desire for love and commitment. It's so true. And I LOVE what happens next...

Can't wait to get my hands on the next Abby Green.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate and Annie. The week in the west of Ireland with Kate was extremely special, to be honest coming home was a bit like being beamed back down to reality from some lovely serene planet. At least we know where it is so we can always sneak back...!
As for the Alpha male, I can't think of anything more illuminating to add on top of everyone else's far more articulate comments, suffice to say that without them wouldn't the world be a much duller place?!
x Abby

Sabrina Philips said...

Ooh it looks like you both had a gorgeous time Kate and Abby, how fabulous.

I've been loving all this discussion about alphas, Kate, and I think you made a really brilliant point early on about
his behaviour towards the heroine (which often gets a bad press particularly in Presents if he uses emotional blackmail, for example.) You said that he only acts this way with the heroine, because she gets to him in a way that no one else does - so, so true. What gets wrongly misinterpreted as him being a prize b*stard all round is actually him just struggling to cope with how the heroine alone affects him. He acts OUT of character with her which reveals how much he feels for her, not the opposite!

Abby I love the way you've described him as 'the boy who everyone fell in love with at school,he's the twenty-something you wanted at college', that's definitely the way I think of my heroes when I imagine them in the past - leather jacket on in the school playground, girls swooning. And the heroine would be the one rolling her eyes but deep down unable to help herself wanting to be with him as much as everyone else. Probably even more.

My favourite part about him having everything he wants now he's all grown up is that the heroine makes him question that - she makes him aware of the one thing he doesn't have – her, which he comes to realise is the only thing he wants...that love is the only thing which matters.

I'm seriously behind on my tbr pile Abby but have just read The Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain and adored Dante - wounded alphas are definitely my faves and he was gorgeous - the perfect example of a hero acting in a way that at first seems reprehensible but only doing so because he can't deal with how much he wants the heroine. I loved the way he was ashamed of his own behaviour deep down throughout too, but kept repressing that.

Thanks again Kate!

Sabrina xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words about Dante Sabrina - I really liked that story. Good luck with your own ms, number four?!
x Abby

Sabrina Philips said...

Thanks Abby yes, wrestling with number four as we speak :)

Amanda Holly said...

Looking at the pics of your Ireland hide-out makes me want to get on the next plane out there!

Thank you for your fabulous ongoing discussion on Alpha males. It has been very enlightening to say the least. Every post brings about another "aha" for me!

I can't wait to see what the next topic of discussion is going to be!


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