Monday, May 18, 2009

Cover delight

Thank you to everyone who wrote and said how much you've enjoyed the All About Alphas discussion. I'm delighted to know that it has been so stimulating and helpful to you all. And I've noted the suggestions for further discussions and on-line 'classes' so I may do this again - but first I need to cacth up with all the in-between books things that need doing - like accounts, cleaning my office, reading, coming up with a new story . . .

But the All About Alphas topic certainly has sparked off my own interest in heroes again - not that that ever dies, but it's always fascinating to learn how other people go about creating the characters that people their books and the important elements they need to put into them to make them into real heroes.

And talking of heroes, I've just received a parcel of the hardback editions - the 'pinks' - of my next book out. This is the late August/September release Kept For Her Baby. I say August/September because as some of you will already be aware the M&B Modern books are going to be released on a rather different schedule from August. As the note in the back of the current books says, there will be :

More Passion, More Seduction, More Often

Modern and Modern Heat available twice a month from August 2009

6 glamorous new books 1st Friday of every month

6 more glamorous new books 3rd Friday of every month

Find all the details

In other words there will be new Modern titles on the bookshop shelves every two weeks from August onwards - so if you're looking for a particular author, you'll need to know whether her book is out in the first or second batch that month.

Anyway, if you're looking for my book then I'll make it easy for you - what you're looking for is this fabulous new cover

Great isn't it?

Of course with the new distribution schedule, the plans are also for new style covers to start appearing from June - so I have no idea what this book will look like when it reaches the paperback stage - but just as soon as I do know I'll pass the information on to you.


Joanne Cleary said...

I love the cover, Kate, but why is it pink? I thought 'romance' was pink and 'modern' blue.

Hopelessly confused :-)

Biddy said...

Lovely lovely cover!!

Rachel (UK) said...

Oh yes, great cover, Kate!

Thanks for the distribution information too. Do you think it will be the same when buying on line? I usually have a greedy spendup on the first of every month when the new books come out but I don't want to spend out on two lots of postage!

And, Kate, (lowers voice to a whisper), does this mean M&B need more eager writers?! Hope so!

Lots of love,

Caroline said...

Hi Kate. Love the cover. I saw the blurb in the back of a couple of books recently about the up-coming bi-monthly distribution and the new change of covers coming soon. I do like the way M&B change covers every so often; and I must admit that I like some styles more than others! I seem to prefer the drawings rather than real life photographs of couples. Don't know why I just do.Take care. Caroline x


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