Wednesday, May 06, 2009

All About Alphas 18 India Grey

I think today is the last of my alpha posts by other authors - that is, unless I go hunting through my files and find that there's someone I've missed (if you're reading this and it's you - please email me!)

I've found all the posts by my fellow authors fascinating. Each of them seems to have added another layer to the complex patchwork that makes up an alpha male - and some people think he's simply, rich, powerful and arrogant! Hmmm . . .

Over the next couple of days I'll be winding this up - as I said, there are a couple of questions yet to deal with - and if you have anything you need to ask, something you're still not clear about, please post your queries now. After this comprehensive survey, I don't plan on coming back to the alpha hero at any point in the not too distant future - except to create them in my books of course!

So for our last look comment from another author, we'll go out on a high - with talented India Grey who of course won the RNA Romance Prize this year with her book Mistress Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure. And she's just heard that she won the Romantic Times Best Presents Extra for another book, Angelo's Captive Virgin.

To me the appeal of the alpha is that on a practical level, no matter where
you are or what's happening all around you he's a man who can take charge. Not
in a bossy, controlling way, but with quiet, reassuring capability that lets you
know you're in safe hands.

In a society where the major equality battles have been fought and won, and
where women not only 'have it all' but often 'do it all' too, I think there's
something incredibly appealing about the idea of being looked after. It's a
biological need that must have been programmed into us from the time of our
earliest, cave-dwelling ancestors: they needed a man who could protect them from
sabre-toothed tigers, and keep them well supplied with furs and good meat when
they were pregnant and breast-feeding.

Nowadays we have zoos and Marks and Spencers, so the survival element isn't
so imperative, but I still believe women respond instinctively to men who embody
those qualities of strength, capability and assurance; particularly when they
are combined with slightly more post-Neanderthal things like integrity, honour,
loyalty and fierce, incisive intelligence.

India's next book in Presents is Taken for Revenge, Bedded For Pleasure - and look out for the M&B Modern release, Spanish Aristocrat, Forced Bride in September in the UK

The ruthless tycoon and the virgin heiress

Dangerously handsome Olivier Moreau has everything: power, money, and endless women warming his bed. But there is one thing Olivier is still hungry for: revenge on the Lawrence family! What better vengeance than to seduce innocent Bella Lawrence…and cast her aside when he’s had his fill?
An eye for an eye, a heart for a heart. But when cold, calculating revenge turns to red-hot passion, Olivier has no intention of letting her go… She’ll stay right where he wants her – in his bed!


Anonymous said...

Great post India, I'll have one of those Alpha Males please, gift wrapped and sent to my house! And thank you again to Kate for hosting this brilliant blog party on Alphas...!
x Abby

India said...

Would you like to specify any particular size or colour for that delivery, Ms Green?

Thanks Kate-- I've had a few internet connection problems lately so I'm just catching up on the last few posts. It's been a great discussion, and it's fascinating to get so many different perspectives on it. Do you think this is now the definitive online resource for every aspect of the Alpha Male?!

(Including how to order one!)

Anne McAllister said...

Just call him Eamon and put him in a cardigan, India.

Happy birthday, Kate! And thank you for a great series of blogs and much food for thought.


Jan Jones said...

Popping over as per instructions from t'other Kate.

I would have been here anyway, but I wouldn't have known to wish you a Very Happy Birthday!

Hmm, loads of nice hunky men here - but where's the cake?

Annie West said...


Sorry for being so late to comment. I've just seen your post. Wanted to agree with your point about the delightful idea of being looked after, even if we're perfectly capable of looking after ourselves. It's so tremendously appealing.

And, just to say, I've been quietly enjoying your alpha heroes for some time now.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

All of these posts have been wonderful. Congrats India on your award and Happy Birthday Kate!


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