Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cat Tales 2

Everyone seems to have enjoyed the Bed Wars saga as much as I enjoyed watching it - and it has led to some questions about just how big Miss Flora the Floozie actually is. (And, by default, just how small Dylan might be) So I thought I'd demonstrate the reality here.

Flora, being a Maine Coon, is of course a big cat - and and at 18 months, she's still growing. So she is a big cat. Most of her size is in her back, which is very long, though her legs are quite short in comparison.

So here are some recent pictures of her to demonstrate - using household objects like radiators and TV for reference.

But her real size is best shown when she stands on her hind legs so you can see how l-o-n-g she is.

Dylan came to us as a rescue cat. He was small then - and then he had a very bad dose of cat flu when he was desperately ill and he lost the sight of one eye and stopped growing. So he is small - but he's a real little alpha cat, very macho (except when being squished by Flora.) I think the whole point about letting her squash him was that in his mind, he won - he still had the inside of the bed and when she gave up and went away again, he was still in possession!
Besides, he's really king of the garden. That's his territory and he rules things outside

But if we're talking b-i-g cats, then we need to mention Barney, Flora's father , who was the size of a small dog!
Even with the extra growing she will still do, I don't think Flora will reach quite his size - though her brothers may well do.


Ann Victor said...

Princess Flora really is gorgeous! And you can bet she's still got a lot of growing to do! Theodora is going to be 14 human years in September and she only reached her full size a few years ago (and she's still growing - but sideways!!!) Maine Coons really are the gentle giants that they're called (except when they're squishing their 'siblings' in the baskets!!) :)

LindaC said...

Kate, she is beautiful. Her dad looks a great deal like my Maine Coon, Justin. How much does Flora weigh and can you convert that to pounds for me since I live in the States? Keep those cat stories coming. I love to hear about them.


Biddy said...

Dylan just treats that Floozy with the contempt she deserves!! Small but perfectly formed is my Dyl. And of course he has that walk. Give him a hug from me.

Lacey Devlin said...

Wow isn't Flora gorgeous? Poor Dylan had a rough start to life huh? Bet he gets a lot of cuddles to make up for that ;). I love that he's an alpha cat and only let Flora lie on him because it meant he still won!


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