Friday, May 29, 2009

Friends and Books

I had a wonderful evening yesterday. Meeting up with lovely Susan Stephens and her personal handsome Alpha Male, enjoying a meal and sharing a bottle of wine - and talking books,editors, writing, markets, books . . . It was great. Thank you Susan - we must do it again soon.

And then on to the poetry event in Borders where the Magnet had a great time too. He was so involved in chatting to everyone, talking about poetry and enjoying himself that they had to be asked to leave as the shop was closing! He was also delighted to see how many of his books the shop had on display.

And while I was there I spotted that the newest Mills & Boon titles had been delivered and were on display so of course I had to go and make my selection. And for the very first time I saw the 3 in 1 collection Sold to The Sheikh where my 2006 book At The Sheikh's Command is reprinted together with other novels by Miranda Lee and Emma Darcy.

I thought that the original cover of this book was great when it came out 3 years ago, but this new collection cover is just fabulous when see in print for the first time.


Mavis Smyth said...

Oh I want that book! Original cover was a winner, but oh the 'new' cover for second release is amazing! Off to trawl internet to find!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gorgeous cover Kate! Must have been a lovely thrill to see it in the shop. Delighted that you and the BM had such a great evening!
x Abby

Mavis Smyth said...

Sold to the on it's way! Couldn't go on holiday without taking it with me....I'm a sucker for a Sheikh, so I know I'll enjoy it!


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