Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

I was going to keep quiet and just have a day off but it seems I've been outed on Anne McAllister's blog (or rather by Sid the Cat on Anne McAllister's blog)- and on Kate Hardy's too (Thank you both of you!) so yes I'll admit it - I'm having a birthday!
And as I have a Babe Magnet who knows what's right and proper, I already have flowers and a DVD of Australia so all's right with the world.
I also have the tweaked version of Nikos and Sadie's story back on my editor's desk so I'm also free from dreadlines which is a wonderful feeling.

And the sun is shining - what more could I ask for.

So I'm going out for the day.

And if there are final alpha questions I'll deal with them tomorrow!
PS to Jan - here's the cake!


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kate! Hope it's the best one yet and the year just gets better and better!

Theodora & Josephine send special purrs to you (and Sid!) on your special day.

Have a great one.

Mon Wood said...

Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday Kate, hope you have a lovely day with the BM, all the cats and Nicole and Hugh!
x Abby

Kate Hardy said...

Have your day off, hon - but quiet isn't an option :D

Happy birthday! Have a lovely day. Hope you're spoiled rotten.

PS What flavour is the cake? Enquiring minds would like to think strawberries are involved...

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!!
And damn it I haven't posted your pressie and card yet! My brain is mush. You will be getting them soon!
Have a lovely day
Biddy xx

Lorraine said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday.
Be grateful for the sun - we have a horrible storm here in the Highlands!

Katie said...

Many happy returns :-)

Carol Townend said...


Michelle Styles said...

Happy birthday, Queen Kate!

here;s hoping this year brings wonderful things to you.

Jan Jones said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! I have stopped midway through a mouthful of cake to raise a cup of tea to you.

(I don't know about anybody else, but my slice is deliciousy chocolatey. I moved the strawberry to the top of your bit, Kate H)

Merlin and Archer send purry greetings to you and hope the important residents of the household are enjoying the wrapping paper and ribbons

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!

(Hope someone has sung to you-- I would offer, but many a party has been ruined that way before now...)

Cake, flowers, Hugh Jackman and the BM... Add a glass of something chilled and lovely and it sounds like you're set up for the perfect day. Enjoy it-- you deserve it! xx

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Kate!

Hope you have a wonderful day. (If I had cake and Hugh, I don't think I'd notice if the sun shone or not...)

juliemt said...

Happy Birthday, Kate! I hope you have a lovely day full of chocolates, cuddles and Hugh Jackman!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Have a wonderful day,

Lots of love,


Diane said...

Happy birthday.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Happy Birthday.

Margaret Mayo said...

Happy Birthday, Kate.

Enjoy your day.

Annie West said...


Hope you have a lovely time on your birthday and do something really special.


Lois said...

Have a totally terrifically birthday! :)


CrystalGB said...

Happy Birthday Kate! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Have a great day out and about. Caroline

Trish Morey said...

Dear Kate, happy birthday from Downunder! You snuck that one under the radar.

Many, many happy returns.

Loads of love,


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Kate!
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Anne McAllister said...

Ah, Australia and Hugh and a cake and no deadlines, not to mention the sun shining and Sid blogging. Indeed, what more can you ask for?

Have a wonderful day, Kate!

Sir Sidney ACOSB said...

TGOTH (The Gentleman of the House for those who don't know the lingo) gave you flowers AND a continent?


That's all very nice, but I hope he realizes that the office is already overloaded with books and books and books and books and books and papers and papers and papers and papers, not to mention that silver-haired floozie. I am not sure how we will fit a continent in. Especially such a large one.

He might have to return it and get you a smaller one (perhaps one that melts to a degree -- like Antarctica?) Or fish. He could return it for fish. There is always plenty of room for fish.

Many happy returns of the day, my Lady of the House.

Nell Dixon said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Kate Hardy said...

Been thinking about this. Kate... is that Hugh AND a cake, or Hugh IN a cake? :o)

(Now there's a birthday pressie. Pictures in your head. *g*)

Me said...

Happy Birthday.

Hope you've had a lovely day :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kate!

Eva said...

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Danica Favorite said...

Happy Birthday, precious Queen Kate!

LindaC said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Kate!!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday, Kate.

lidia said...


Happy belated birthday! Hope that you had a wonderful day spent with the BM and your kitties.


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