Friday, June 11, 2010

Chasing my tail . . .

This is just how I feel at the moment with a To Do list as long as my arm, one on which everything I cross something off, something new gets added. Add into that mix, a stomach bug that laid me low for two days, a computer key board that turned up its keys and died, just in the middle of something really important, a car that started making very peculiar noises just one quarter of the way home from a trip to Derby - a journey that then involved a major diversion because part of the motorway was closed for repairs . . .and you'll get some idea of the week I'm having.

But if you need something longer to read, then that's fine because last month I did a long interview with Gemma Noon over at The Literary Project which you can find here so there should be plenty to interest you there. Gemma used to be a librarian, as I did, and we share a belief in the fact that getting people reading is much more important than sneering at them for what they read - which for my money can only make them feel discouraged and unwilling to read at all.

So I found Gemma's introduction to this interview interesting - and I found myself nodding along with much of it. So I hope you'll read the interview too - and let me know if you enjoy it.


Caroline said...

(((hugs))) on the bad week Kate! I wonder if the cosmos is playing tricks on us? My dad was rushed into hospital on Monday (sigh). Anyway...hope you have a great (and not too stressful) weekend. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Get well soon to you and your car! RIP keyboard.

Sharon said...

Great feature, Kate. I particularly liked your remark about the lazy reporting of M&B. If I could have a pound for every time someone has said to me:

"But there's no actual SEX in them, is there?"
'When did you last read one?"
"Oh, I've never actually READ one!"

I rest my case....

GladysMP said...

I enjoyed the picture, for I am in the same boat at present, running around in endless circles. Right now my emails have stacked up and I am trying to at least bring the total down a bit. Isn't summer supposed to be for relaxing? LOL


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