Saturday, June 26, 2010

If you're going to the RNA Conference . . .

. . . or even if you're not. I wonder if you'd like to help me.

I need to know about how to stir up conflict.

Not an actual conflict at the conference - manuscripts at dawn or book wars over breakfast . . .

But on Saturday 10th July at 11.45 I am doing a workshop on Conflict - and I have an hour - just an hour - in which to, hopefully, educate, enlighten and entertain everyone there on the subject of Conflict. What it means, how it works, how you develop it . . .

Last time I heard there were 60+ eager (well, I hope they'll be eager) students signed up to come and hear me ramble on an the subject. 60+ eeek!

So I was wondering if you'd help me.
If you're coming to the RNA and if you're going to be in my workshop . . .or even if you're not, but you're interested in writing - and in finding out more about Conflict. About creating it, writing it, developing it.
Are you confuzzled by internal and external conflict?

Do you want to know how much is too much and how much is not enough?
Would you like to know why I describe conflict as being like the layers of an onion ?

Is there any question that you'd really really like me to try and answer on this subject?
If so please let me know. Post your question or you comment in the comments section. or email me privately at the address below.

Authors, if you want to say what you think is important about conflict then that would be welcome too - all contributions welcome.

I'll try to address every query raised in my workshop. And if you're not coming to the conference, then please still ask any questions you have and I'll hope to tackle them when I get back and maybe we can have a Conflict Q&A here on the blog as well.
Over to you . . . And thank you in advance


Caroline said...

Conflict = that "something" that keeps our H/h apart until the very end! Too simple? Or is that right? Over to you Kate! Have a great RNA workshop - your 60+ students are in for a treat! Caroline xx

Lacey Devlin said...

I really struggle with balancing internal and external conflicts and I tend to lean toward external. While I understand the principles of letting the internal drive the external I'm still not getting it right. I'm sure I'm missing something... Where's the magic formula ;) Have a great workshop!

susanwilson44 said...

Hi kate
I'm one of the 60 and looking forward to meeting you there. I would love an idiot's guide to external and internal conflict. I'm trying to plan my next WIP and always struggle with the conflict. I always find it easier if I can have examples, so we can have some of those please?

Rachael Thomas said...

Hi Kate,
I'll be in your workshop too and I'd like to know more about layering conflict through the story.

see you there,

Jackie Ashenden said...

Kate, I'd love to be at your workshop but sadly being in NZ and not having the cash for the 'quick' flight means I won't be.
But I do have a question and mine is all about how NOT to complicate the conflict. I sometimes have too many layers in my onion! What's the best way to keep it simple?

Talli Roland said...

Hi Kate!

If memory serves, I'm going to be in your workshop on Saturday. I'd love to know more about layering conflict!


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