Thursday, June 03, 2010

Elizabeth Oldfield

I heard some very sad news last night. The lovely author and one of the past stars in the Mills & Boon line up of novelists, Elizabeth Oldfield, died on May 30th. I was so very saddened by the news.

Elizabeth Oldfield was a fabulous writer whose book I loved. I remember how, when I was trying to learn my craft, working towards getting published, I would always pounce on one of her novels knowing how much I would enjoy it and how much I would learn from it. I could never write like her - she had a wonderful light touch, often dryly humorous, that was not my style but I enjoyed it her novels so very much.

When I first went to any of the social events that brough M&B authors together and was desperately nervous, not knowing anyone, Elizabeth was one of the very first to welcome me into the group, talk to me about my work and make me feel at home. From then onwards I was lucky enough to consider her as a friend and we exchanged letters where she told me all about her wonderful husband, her loving family and later the grandchildren she adored.

At any M&B get together I was always so happy to see her tall, blonde, supremely elegant figure, her lovely face with its glowing smile and hear her voice. She always had something wise and sensible - and usually very funny - that was so worth listening to. I remember how she once described the feeling of having a book finished, accepted and bought as 'better than an orgasm - it lasts so much longer'. And it was with Nadine that I once joking planned the 'You Finish It . . .' book of ideas for novels that we had in our computers, books that just hadn't worked. We joked that perhaps aspiring novelists would like this antidote to the 'where do you get your ideas' question. Long term visitors to this blog will remember how Elizabeth was a guest at my Great Big Blog Party to celebrate my 50th book back in 2007 - when she talked ab out her new publishing venture with her latest (non romance) novel Vintage Babes.

I knew Elizabeth was ill, she had struggled with cancer for some years, but all the same the news last night came as a great shock and a deep sadness. She was one of those special people of whom I would have to say that I really feel like a light has gone out in my life without her.

My deepest sympathies go out to her husband and her family. I know how much she loved them and so I know how deeply she will be missed.

Last night I pulled out some my Elizabeth Oldfield 'keepers' and reminded myself of what very special books she used create. One of my special favourites was Love's Prisoner and it was a joy to get lost in it's story once again. If you haven't ever tried a romance by Elizabeth Oldfield, I think you've missed out on something special.
Rest in peace Elizabeth - you will be sadly missed.


Kate Hardy said...

How very sad. I remember meeting her at a lunch once, and she was ever so nice. My thoughts are with her family. And a big hug to you, too.

Sharon Kendrick said...

Nadine was one of those shining people who always made you feel better whenever you saw them. And she was a fabulous writer. I loved her passion for her work and her enthusiasm - and I know how proud she was to have written Vintage Babes after her long and successful career doing series romance.

What a wonderful tribute to a great lady - thank you, Kate.

Caroline said...

What a lovely tribute to a lovely lady. Thanks Kate. Caroline x

felinewyvern said...

How sad - I have read most of her books and think she will be very much missed. My condolances to her family and friends.

Trish Morey said...

What a wonderful tribute, Kate. I never had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth in person but I do remember reading many of her books.

I love that picture of Elizabeth on the balcony looking so relaxed.

Lacey Devlin said...

Such terribly sad news. I'm a huge fan of her books and she's touched so many lives. My thoughts are with her family

aka Susie Gardner said...

Such sad news, Kate. A wonderful and touching tribute.

Sending you much love & hugs.

Unknown said...

What sad news. I never met her but enjoyed her books so much.

What a lovely tribute. My thoughts go out to her family and friends.

Barbara Hannay said...

I'm another Elizabeth Oldfield fan and I'm grateful for your tribute Kate.
So sorry to hear of her passing. I must hunt for my copy of Love's Prisoner and read it in her memory.


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