Monday, June 07, 2010

Foreign Editions

I had a bundle of foreign editions today. It's always an interesting discovery to find out just which book has been translated into which language recently. This delivery had a real surprise in it.

There was a There was an Italian translation of NoBack. couple of German translations - A Sicilian Husband and Kept For Her Baby. There was an Italian translation of No Holding Back, but the most intriguing - and the oldest book to be reprinted was the Korean edition of Game of Hazard.

Game of Hazard is a book I'm really fond of. It was the first ever of my books to go into paperback and the first ever to go to America. So it's rather special to me. I also remember the then Editorial Director of Mills & Boon the late Jacqui Bianchi - who was also an author in her own right under the name of Teresa Denys - told me that when she read it she felt that I had really discovered my real author's voice.

But the first edition of this book - in the UK - was published way back in 1986! So it was amazing to see it coming back in a new edition 24 years later.

The other interesting thing about this was the cover. Above is the original M&B cover of Game of Hazard. And here is the Korean edition. Unusual isn't it? I'm not at all sure what all that bits and peices of clocks or watches have to do with what is actually an amnesia story - but it's still great to see one of my oldest titles being revived in this way.

Incidentally, for some reason I was sent 6 extra copies of No Holding Back - Irresistible Attrazione - so I have these going spare. So if anyone reading this is in Italy and would like a copy - the original translation only came out in a multi pack - just email me your address (see the link at the bottom of this page ) and you can have a copy as a gift.

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