Monday, June 21, 2010

The sun is shining

Sometimes it seems that the atmosphere around is - well, let's just say subdued.

Hard work.


(And no I'm not just talking about the performance of the English football team in the World Cup. Well, OK- yes, I am -partly. If you'd shared Father's Day with the Babe Magnet and the Offspring yesterday you couldn't really have missed the mood of disappointment. )

I know several people for whom it's been a pretty hard week in other ways and my heart goes out to them and with appalling oil leaks, the promise of a 'pain' budget here in the UK and - well, yes the prospect of another England versus someone World Cup match coming up the euphoria of early summer seems to be dissipating fast.

So I'm going to try and change the mood a bit and think about good news (there must be some) or at least celebrate the fact that the sun is shining so I'm hoping to post some day brighteners or at least mood lifters for a few days. And I hope you'll join in.

I spent the weekend in a concentrated effort to get my office really cleaned and sorted out - I'd post a before and after photo but I really don't want anyone to know just how bad it had got. Believe me, it was bad. I also did all my accounts - not just the ones that need to go to my accountant tomorrow, but also getting them up to date for June! Which gives me a head start on next year.

That is such a relief. Perhaps that's what made me feel as if I had a weight off my shoulders this morning. And the sun was shining - see, I'm determined to mention the good things.

One of those good things, for anyone who knows how much I like shoes, is the fact that when I went into town I spotted some beautiful gold Grecian style sandals that I had almost bought last week but decided they were too expensive - but today they were in the sale at 50% off the original price . . . Guess, what I'm wearing right now! OK, so it's not important in the grand scheme of things - but it made me smile.

The sun is shining, the roses in my garden are looking spectacular this year - glorious in a way that brightens my day whenever I look in the garden. And over on Amazon, even though it isn't actually on sale in the shops yet, I spotted that my July release The Good Greek Wife is already moving nicely up the sales charts so some of you are already getting you hands on your copies. Which is more than I've done! My author copies haven't appeared yet - but that's something to look forward to.

One thing that sorta got buried is the fact that I'm still celebrating my 25 years of publication. So tomorrow I'm remedying that by posting another in that irregular series of 'My Favourite Kate Walker book.' Who's going to be the guest blogger? Well, one of the other things I bought in town was a copy of a brand new M&B Modern Romance titled The Devils Heart. . . . Come back and find out more tomorrow.

So what about you? Is the sun shining where you are? Or even if it's pouring with rain - snowing - what is there to brighten your day? Why don't you share this week.

Have you read a really great book or seen a fantastic film? We could all do with recommendations. I've just been watching the same film 3 times over but in different versions - it's all to do with the book I'm writing. Tell you more when I can.

So why not join in the day brightener posts? Please leave a comment if you have something to smile about. And you never know I might get Sid the Cat on the job of picking a few names to brighten some people's days even more. That is if I can get him to come inside - he's found a patch of sunlight with his name on it and is curled up in the garden enjoying the warmth. That, and the fact that it's almost teatime, is all he needs to brighten his day.


Denise said...

Hi Kate! The sun is not so much shining where I live; rather it's pounding down and has raised the temperature to 96 degrees Fahrenheit!! But you've definitely given me something to smile about, with your reference to The Devil's Heart - that's Lynn Raye Harris's new book, isn't it?? She's such a fantastic author, and I can't wait for tomorrow's blog post! I'm so jealous that The Devil's Heart is already available in the UK!!

I'm also happy today because I got to spend time with my parents over the weekend! Yesterday was Father's Day here in the US, so I drove home to see my dad...I'm not the world's best driver, so I'm also happy because I made it there and back without any major debacles (I only went the wrong way once!). =)

runner10 said...

Can't wait for your next book.
I am almost finished with Anna Campbell's My Reckless Surrender. It is fantastic. I can hardly put it down. She never disappoints.
I had a wonderful weekend at home with my family.
Hope you have a wonderful week.

Caroline said...

Hi Kate! The sun is shining here too today. But I'm a busy bee. Helped son move into his new flat; and then had to hot foot it across the Island to pick up my dad who's been in hospital for 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I'm off work and intend to spend the day in the sunshine, fingers crossed. Then it's back to the wip. Is it me or is there writing apathy at the moment? I *just* can't motivate myself at the moment. Have a great day. Caroline x

Summer said...

The sunlight's been playing a game of hide and seek here lately, very annoying for someone who loves to read outdoors. But Wimbledon's started, which I love, and there is always Cristiano Renaldo's smile at the World Cup, definitely a bright spot to any day.

Laney4 said...

I don't have Sid the Cat. I have Austin the Dog. He's a golden retriever I'm dogsitting until the weekend. I love him to bits. He was trained as a seeing-eye-dog, but he failed because he was too friendly. He rarely barks -- unless you don't do what he has hinted that he'd like you to do. For example, if he needs to go out and you're choosing to ignore him, he'll bark twice in a row, pause, and repeat a few times. If he wants to go upstairs but his arthritic legs won't allow him to do this on his own, he'll bark. (BTW, he's a heavy cuss!) But he makes me smile. A. Lot. I love him to bits.

So ... Austin makes me smile. The sun was shining all day. I've been enjoying Sandra Hyatt's first two books and am looking forward to her third release out this month. I rarely watch movies, but I DID enjoy The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. And as for trying to brighten your day, I was raised in a town called Brighton. Does that count?

Have a good one and thanks for sharing.

Caroline said...

p.s - just wanted to say I like the bar "thingy" at the top of your blog! A Good Greek Wife sounds like a great story! Can't wait! Caroline x

Kate Walker said...

Hi Denise - 96 degrees! Oh I couldn't cope in that sort of heat. I think I's only about 70 something here and I'm thinking it's warm!

Yes Lynn will be here tomorrow - today actually, seeing as that's when I'm writing this - and I have my copy of The Devil's Heart already on my TBR pile so that will make you even more jealous.

Congratultions on the driving - I'm not the best driver either, so I understand but Dad's are worth it.

Kate Walker said...

Hi 'runner' now it's my turn to be jealous - I so want to read Anna's new book. I loved her others and that does look fantastic. I met Anna before she was ever published and it's a day brightener every time I know she has a new book out

Kate Walker said...

Hello Caroline! Of course the sun's shining on you and your new husband - married life is somethign to smile about. And the fact that your dad is out of hospital is great too.
Writing apathy? Well perhpas it's the fact that the sun is shining and so no one wants to be inside ? There are some changes going on - inevitable I suppose in the economic climate and that will also be affecting the writing/book business.

Hope you shake off that apathy soon

Kate Walker said...

Hello Summer - ah now, Wimbledon - much more interesting than the World Cup ( to me at least) Though I do have to agree with you about that smile. I love watching the tennis but this year with a deadline way too close I'm probably going to have to give a lot of it a miss

Kate Walker said...

Hi Laney - Austin sounds like a real sweetheart. I love golden retrievers. I once sponsored a seeing eye dog but he failed his exams too! I think it was probably for the same reason as Austin.

I think I met Sandra Hyatt when I was 'downunder' - and I was in Washington when she was told that her book had been accepted. I think she was floating 6 feet off the ground for the rest of the Conference.

Must look for that film - Mr Butler is usually worth - er researching. And is the Brighton you come from in Oz - I always wanted to visit the UK one.

Kate Walker said...

Oh - and Caroline - the 'thingy' is a banner! My talented web designer does them for me. I think this one is great - it gets the atmosphere of the book.

If you read The Good Greek Wife? you must let me know what you think

Laney4 said...

Hi again, Kate!

You said, "And is the Brighton you come from in Oz - I always wanted to visit the UK one." I'm afraid not. It's in Canada. It was a tiny town of less than 3,000 at the time.

I wouldn't mind visiting the UK one too! Great idea!


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