Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back . . .

I'm back . . .  In body at least,   A part of my mind is still back in Wales, in Fishguard Bay staring out at the sea and talking and teaching and having a lot of fun.

As always, the welcome from Anne and Gerry  who run Fishguard Writing Weekends and Caerleon Writers'  Holidays was so warm it was like coming home. The group for the Advanced Writing Romance course were a great bunch - and a real mixture.   Some of them I'd met before, others were new to me but not for long. And I even had two already published authors - Susan Moody and Janet Laurence  - in the class to learn more about writing emotion.   

I seem to have blinked and found that the weekend had run away from me but I know it happened and I did teach something worth knowing - setting up a new course and running it for the first time is a  bit of a challenge. But Cara who was in the group has written a lovely blog all about it  and she  obviously got a lot from it.

Thank you so much to everyone who was in the class - you made my weekend and the way you all joined in made the classes fun as well as work.  The lovely gifts I was given were unexpected and thank you so much for them.

The even better news  - for me, if not for everyone else - is that the Advanced Romance Writing class is already half full with bookings for next year!  So  in February 2012 I get to do it all over again. So in case you want to sign up for a writing weekend in Wales,  the details can be found here

Remember that this is the Advanced  course so it's open to people who have already done a basic Writing Romance course - hopefully with me as the details I cover in that are the perfect grounding to working on the Advanced course.   The basic course is the one that I teach on the Caerleon Writers Holiday  - but  you'd better get your name down for that if you're interested. There were only 20 places left on the whole holiday last I heard.  You can find the details here.

So now I'm getting back to work and concentrating hard on the latest book.  This is helped by some really great news I've been given . . .  but can't tell you quite yet!   So instead I'll share the good news I can tell  you - and that is that my newest book - The Proud Wife - has been the #1 bestseller on the Mills & Boon web site  for what seems like ages - it's the 3rd week at the top right now! I'm so so happy about this.  And it isn't even on the bookshop shelves yet!

Thank you so much to everyone who has bought a copy to put it there.

Oh - and if you buy  your romances in ebook versions from eHarlequin site, then they've just put up the April titles on there. And The Proud Wife is included in those April Presents Extra releases.  You can find the ebook here.

I hope you've seen the fabulous banner for this book at the top of the page. That was done for me - as were all the web site updates  - by Heather at We Write Romance  and HR Web Concepts. 

  Heather has recently updated my site for me and she's added excerpts from books that are out now so why not check out thenew details?


Joanna George said...

Really enjoyed the weekend Kate. Thank you for delivering such a comprehensive course. Been writing ever since I got home. Jo

Nicolette said...

Sounds like it was a marvellous weekend. Am envious.


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