Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Writing Contest

I know a lot of visitors to my blog are interested in writing to be published - so I though I'd let you know about this  new contest -

Romance Junkies 2011 Writing contest

Taking the plunge into the new year contest!

Sponsored by Carina Press!
They will accept contest submissions beginning February 1, 2011

The Prizes for the Writers!
The Editorial Staff of Carina Press will select winners from among the Finalists.

The Grand Prize will be a Kindle plus a critique* from a Carina editor.

Second, Third, and Fourth place critiqued* by editorial staff of Carina Press.

*Critiques will be offered for a set number of pages, not just the contest entry. Length of critique piece will decrease from Grand Prize to Fourth place, but will not be less than 15 pages.

The Prizes for the Readers!

The voting process allows readers to provide feedback to the writers through our online form. Each week an email address will be selected at random from these posts and will receive a digital Carina title of the winner’s choice.
The Grand Prize will be 25 digital Carina titles of the winner’s choice and will be selected at random from all of those who voted.

And - I have donated 2 copies of the third edition of  the  12 Point Guide to Writing Romance   that will be extra prizes for two of the finalists.

Check out the link for further details, rules, and to enter. 

Contest Schedule

February 1st– April 1st-- Take in Entries

Feb 14th– thru May 14th– Post entries

(every week a group of entries are posted on the contest page to be voted on by readers)

May 30th– Winners Announced

1 comment:

Doris O'Connor said...

I have sent my entry off today, under a pen name of course :-)


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