Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ciao  -
Kate has told me to come and introduce myself as  she is busy -preparing for classes in Wales. And busy, it seems with another man.  Someone called Carlos Ortega . . . or he might be called - I forget what!  He uses  two different surnames and I don't know which one is really his! He does not seem to know himself very well, this  Argentinian, but no doubt he will tell his  story to Kate and then she will write it down and we will all find  out just what has happened to him.

Just as you will all find out my story - mine and La bella Marina - in the book  The Proud  Wife.   I am to tell you all about this as I am one of The Grooms in this contest. My name is Pietro -Pietro D'Inzeo.   Prince Pietro D'Inzeo  in fact. Or - if you want the full details and title, as my parents would have insisted upon - Il Principe Pietro Raymundo Marcello D'Inzeo - a mouthful of a title that Marina would throw at me  like a challenge whenever we  confronted one another.

She thinks it matters - that damn title of mine. Yes, I am a prince and yes my family come from a long line of  Sicilian aristocracy. Those things might have mattered once - they certainly still matter (too much) to my Mother! - but  when they come between me and the woman I love then  they are irrelevant and  old-fashioned.

I say that I am one of the Grooms because this contest is calle Here Come the Grooms  - but the truth is that I am more  like poor George  who got Anne McAllister to tell his story, and unlike Fayad who is the Groom who chose Liz Fielding to tell his   and who  it seems  is busy arranging a divorce at the same time as he is arranging  a wedding!  I am not actually a groom - my wedding day to the beatiful but defiant Marina was almost three years ago and now,  as we have been separated for close to two years, I felt - or do I mean feared?- that the time has come to  accept defeat, acknowledge the fact that our marriage is over and make a clean break. That seemed to be what Marina wants.

But Marina should know that I do not give in so easily. After all my family's motto is What is mine, I hold.  So I summoned her to Sicily . . .  and that was when the sparks really started to fly.
If you want to know what happened, then you will need to read the book of course. Kate tells me that  our story - mine and Marina's is  currently at #1  on the Mills & Boon web site.  It will be out in the shops in March - and in America in April.

PS from Kate
Thanks Pietro -  I know you are Marina really had some sparks flying. I had to duck a couple of times when  I was working on your book.  But  then, what can you expect when you bring together a proud Sicilian Prince and a passionate, fiery readhead?

Now about the contest - an apology! I was supposed to have post an extract from The Proud Wife on my web site so that you could find the amswer to my question in there - but I'm afraid that life has kept me too busy to actually get round to it.  So -  if you are looking for an extract - you can find  it either on the Amazon.co.uk page for The Proud Wife  or on the Mills and Boon web site  page.

I'm also posting a 'browse the book' link in the sidebar and  hoping to get the extracts uploaded just as soon as I possibly can.  Sorry about this!


Nas Dean said...

Ciao Pietro,

Happy to meet you. Will definitely like to get to know you and Marina better!

I do know that you summoned Marina to Sicily to discuss divorce but how would you uphold your family motto now "What is mine, I hold" You'll have to work hard to convince Marina!

All the best to you!

Fayad al Kuwani said...

Keif halak, Pietro

We are all, George, you and I, in a world of trouble with the women we love. I like your motto, "What is mine, I hold" and Marina sounds like a woman worth holding. In my culture a bride fights her groom, does not surrender herself lightly. I think maybe Marina is fighting to prove something.

Hold fast, my friend.


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