Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remeber how I mentiuoned the fabulous banner at the top of my web site pages - the one for The Proud Wife?  That is the work of my brilliant web designer  -  Heather Reed from HR Web Concepts who maintains my site and keeps it up to date  regularly - well, as regularly as I send her updates! 

Heather also runs the  great site  We Write Romance where you'll find reviews and articles - and where I blog every month in Kate's Corner.

This morning Heather contacted me with the news that her new project, a new site called We Read Romance is now functioning  and will be live from now on. And she also sent me  a fabulous  review of The Proud Wife   that one of her reviewers has written for the launch of the new site.

I thought I'd share this with you as it really made my day:

Intensely emotional, Kate Walker’s The Proud Wife turns a red-hot love affair with devastating loss into one of the most endearing tales I’ve read in a long time. Filled to the brim with gut wrenching confusion and love, this story allows you to see how miscommunication and circumstances can often cause people who rush head first into marriage to need a break to find perspective. What it also shows is that often first instincts can be just the ticket.

Sicilian Tycoon Pietro D’Inzeo knew he wanted Marina at their first meet, and an unplanned pregnancy certainly gave him the excuse he needed to push their affair to the next level–only circumstances cause the two to separate. But after two years when they’re about to make their divorce final, they realize it’s near impossible to really let each other go!

Ms. Walker’s voice rings proud and true in The Proud Wife–a must-read in my book!

Thank you so much Larissa.  I'm starting my day with a smile on my face aftereading your review.  One of the reviewers on the M&B site also loved this book - calling it a Modern Masterpiece. 

And perhaps even better, a reader who  said that : I don't normally read Modern Mills & Boon stories as I find the plots very repetetive. " added - "I was pleasantly surprised by this book and really enjoyed the way Kate Walker wrote this story. It was actually believable.  I will read other books by Kate Walker. "

Now that's a real compliment and it's put me in a really great mood to tackle the  proofs  of The Return of The Stranger that arrived while I was in Wales.  Not my favourite job but one that will go so much better as a result of these great reviews.

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