Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just to remind you of the contest

To celebrate the publication of our new books, once again I’m getting together with the fabulous Anne McAllister and Liz Fielding to run our now traditional February Here Come the Grooms Contest.

The Prize
As before, we have three prizes to give away – each prize will be a set of the three new titles we have coming out soon
These will be:

The Proud Wife by Kate Walker

Hired By Her Husband by Anne McAllister

Chosen As The Sheikh’s Bride by Liz Fielding

(In Becoming the Tycoon’s Bride together with Patricia Thayer)

Each winner will win a set of all three books

What do you have to do?

Answer these three questions – you’ll find the answers on the authors’ web sites or blogs – and send your answers to us with Here Come The Grooms Contest in the subject line of your email.  (Please remember to answer all three!)

You can answer once with each author – so visit Anne’s and Liz’s sites too to send them your answers as well.
The Questions

Answer all three questions to be in with a chance of winning. As always, I’ll get Sid the Cat on to the job of picking a winner.

1.From The Proud Wife - What has Marina received from Pietro at the opening of the story?

2.From Hired by Her Husband - What is George's occupation and where does he live?

3.From Chosen as the Sheikh’s Bride - Who was Violet's great-great-grandmother?


The contest starts on February 1st and runs until February 14th. The draw will be held at the last moment of Valentine’s Day and the three lucky winners will have an extra Valentine’s gift to celebrate.
Good luck!

And just to make sure you know where to find an extract of The Proud Wife  (I'm having no luck trying to put one  in the sidebar - sorry!
There's one on the Mills & Boon Site  here
And one on Amazon here.

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