Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here Come the Grooms - the winners

So the cats (Sid) dogs (Mitch and Micah McAllister  and - er  - I think - husband?  (Mr Liz Fielding)  were roped in to choose the winners of the Here Come The Grooms contest and the results were:

My winner  Mik  from Michigan
Anne's winner is Desere from South Africa
and Liz's winner is  Kelly from Canada
Our readers certainly cover the world!

Congratulations to the winners who all receive  a copy of
The Proud Wife by Kate Walker
Hired by Her Husband by Anne McAllister
Chosen as the Sheikh's Wife by Liz Fielding

I have to admit it's a great prize and if I hadn't read the books - and written one - already then I'd love to win myself.   I was thrilled to discover that The Proud Wife is currently #1 bestseller on the Mills & Boon web site for the second week running.   And it's not even officially out yet!

I have to finish preparing and head out for Fishguard for my  Advance Writing Romance Course so if I don't blog for a few days that's where I'll be.  But I do have a blog for A Date With Kate over on the Pink Heart Society site on Friday.  So I'll see you there.

PS if you're on my newsletter list then there are still a few days left to enter the special  Grooms contest  for the Newsletter prize - I'll run the draw for that when I get  home on Monday. If you'd like to be on my newsletter list - just see the link in the sidebar or at the bottom of the pages of my web site.

1 comment:

Cara Cooper said...

Hi Kate, just to say how much I got out of your advanced course in Fishguard (I've blogged about it at caracoopers.blogspot). You worked so hard to give us our money's worth and to make it enjoyable. I've practically finished The Konstantos Marriage Demand and can see how well you've executed it and can relate all the things you talked about to the book. I hope you got back okay and have been able to have a bit of a rest before launching back into your current WIP.

Cara x


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