Wednesday, April 06, 2011

And they're back . . .

For all fans of The Hecks, the family of hedgehogs who live in the special hedgehog  houses at the bottom of the garden - our little prickly friends are back.  And there are at least two of them again.

I spotted one of them enjoying the discarded cat meat on the lawn  a couple of days ago. And last night,  at around ten thirty  I could hear the familiar snuffling and grunting that tells me there are  two hedgehogs at least - and  that they're (hopefully) getting ready to create some brand new baby hedgehogs to keep the dynasty going.

When I consider that  we have lived in this house for 22 years, and in a ll that time we have had a family of hedgehogs sharing the garden with us, I'm always delighted to welcome them back as one of the signs of spring and to know that there will be more hedgehogs visiting for another year at least.

We now just have to wait for the fun moment when Charlie meets his first hedgehog.


Judith Arnopp said...

you are so lucky, i need hedgehogs to eat some of the rotten slugs! all we have are moles demolishing our lawn :(
mind you, we have a family of tawny owls too so not all bad :)

Rachael Thomas said...

Fingers crossed for more baby Hecks. I'm looking forward to hearing about Charlie's first encounter with his prickly garden mates!

Christy Olesen said...

Hedgehogs are so cute. I used to have two pet African Pygmy hedgehogs. It was so interesting to observe them close at hand, and to hold them. We don't have wild hedgehogs around here. Just raccoons, skunks, deer and bears. The raccoons and bears aren't seen often, though.

ilona said...

Glad to see they are still around :D

kaelee said...

I missed this post. Love the idea of hedgehogs in the garden. Charlie is in for a surprise


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