Friday, April 22, 2011

Calorie Free Easter Eggs!

Well I bet that got your attention.

Sadly - if chocolate is your thing (can I confess that i can take it or leave it?)  these aren't chocolate Easter Eggs - but the calorie free, square, printed 'eggs' that I prefer as a gift at Easter time.

I'm talking about books.   As you know I ran a workshop in Nottingham last week and  Mills & Boon generously gave out free books to everyone there.  There were a few copies left over so  I'm able to use them as prizes here on my blog.

I'm going to be  very very busy over the next week or so -  real life has interfered rather too much on my writing and I need to get my head down and do some solid concentrating on my book - Easter or not. So I might not be around too often  for a while.   But I am going to leave you with this contest -

The books I have to give away are copies of  the special Royal Wedding collection  with novellas  by Trish Morey, Caitlin Crews, Nina Harrington and Raye Morgan. And with  the real royal wedding coming up in exactly a week's time, I thought I'd give this contest a royal theme - so . . .

On April 29th Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry in Westminster Abbey -  to be in with a chance to win one of these Royal Wedding books  can you  complete these royal  partnerships?

1. Elizabeth  and  . . . .
2. Charles  and . . . . (First time around! William's parents)
3. Andrew and  . . . .
4. Edward and . . . .

Put the names of the missing partners on an email and send it to me   with the heading ROYAL WEDDING in the subject line.

You have a week to get your entries in and on the royal wedding day itself - Friday 29th - I'll get Sid to pick three lucky wnnners.

Good luck!


Noelle said...

You go, girl! Get that hero sorted!

kaelee said...

Kate ~ I think after all you have been doing that sitting and writing might be just what you need. Hope it goes well.

Have a great Easter.


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