Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TV 'star'!

Hope this works for you - I didn’t know it was broadcast yesterday so I’ve only just caught it!
The TV report on the Nottingham workshop is here for the next 9 hours I think.
Hope this link is direct or if not it’s East Midlands today the programme for 26th April – about 22 minutes in


Quillers said...

It was a nice report, Kate, and great that the reporter obviously had such an affection for the books.

scarlet wilson said...

Just watched it kate and you were Fab! Well done!

Nina Harrington said...

Great report and you were as fabulous as always!

And thank you so much for that great link. My very first novella 'An Ordinary King' was one of the four novellas in the 'A Royal Wedding' featured in the show. On TV!! SQUEE! I am such a total newbie!

Thanks again, and have a lovely break. Nina x

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Did you have fun? Well shortly it's your birthday and will Sid and new kitty and BM spoil you?


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