Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogging around

Thank you to everyone who came to my Royal Romance Nottingham workshop.  I had a great time and I hope you did too.

Special thanks need to go to Jane from the Central Library and the other members of her staff  whose warm welcome and  help made surethat everything ran smoothly and efficiently. 
Thanks too to Jo Healey and her camerman  who made the filming for  East Midlands Today easier and less nerve wracking than I  had feared.  No idea yet when the piece will be aired, but Jo says she will let me know and I'll pass that on to anyone who might be able to see it.

And a special wave to Sally Quilford who is now officially one of my workshop 'stalkers'!

Today I'm busy blogging at other places

It's the third Friday of the month so that means it's time for A Date With Kate over on the Pink Heart Society

and it's also the 15th of  the month which is the date I write my post for Kate's Corner over on We Write Romance - just as soon as I  dust off the brain cell and find an idea of what to talk about.


Janice Horton said...

Gosh - well done on the filming Kate! Yes, please do let us know when it's aired. I attended a short workshop of yours once - at Penrith Library - most inspiring. Keep up the good work! x

Cara Cooper said...

Hi Kate from another of your workshop stalkers.... Glad the Nottingham one went well. Also, just to let you know M&B have offered for me to revise three chapters I sent them and resubmit. So, I have been working away on it and using a lot of the things learned at your course in Fishguard. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed! Scared as hell though.....

Quillers said...

LOL Kate. I must admit I did fear that any appearance by me on telly would be preceded by the words 'And we finally catch up with the madwoman who's been stalking Kate Walker...'

You'll be glad to know I was inspired to start a new M&B type romance (but not royal as I can't think myself into a royal romance at the moment).

Cara: That's fantastic news. Good luck with the edits!


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