Thursday, December 13, 2012

Advent Calendar Day 13

First of all - when I announced some winners, I think I forgot  one - the winner of  The Devil and Miss  Jones was Julie M  so I need your postal address Julie.

Today's prize - and today's question  then -  today's prize is one of those golden oldies - one for the collectors  out there!

I actually have a copy of only my second book published - and this one dates right back from  1986! It's practically antique.

Game of Hazard was only my second novel  - and it was the first to go into paperback. The first to go to America. The sharp-eyed amongst you will  note that  it is also published as a Harlequin Romance!  So this is a real historical document and if you are trying to collect up all my titles - as I know some of you are - this is a great chance to win one.

You can't trust me," Nick said softly.
The words rang in Erin's head. Why was she acting like a ministering angel to this man who had broken into her home, slept in her bed - all without any explanation?
Until the storm that kept them isolated and snowbound ceased, there was nothing she could do about the intimacy of their situation.
It was dangerous. She should be afraid. Yet Nick had become so much a part of her life that she couldn't imagine how it had felt not to know him . . .

Obvioously because this is an old book that I've found, it's not in immaculate condition - but it is in very good condition.

And the question ?  Hmmm - well as I'm thinking about older things - what is the oldest Christmas Decoration you have?
Is it for the tree? 
Or a table centrepiece?
Or something you put on your mantlepiece?

I have a little felt Angel  and a Father Christmas that I made myself years ago, when my son was only 3  - so these are ones that we have always had on the tree since then. I also made them together with my Mother in law, who sadly is no longer with us. This will be only our second Christmas without her, so putting these little figures on the tree will be a chance to remember her.

Do you have a special decoration that reminds you of someone in your life?

You might have noticed that today we have  a different picker of the winner - and that is Flora. She is the older of our two cats, so she is appropriate for this prize!  (and she's sitting in front of the screen right now, pointing out that it shgouldn't just be Charlie who gets all the treats and chances to pick!)


Laney4 said...

Hi, Kate!
I made Christmas ornaments out of my children's crib mobiles when they moved on to beds. Since then, I have saved whatever they have made, labelled everything with whose it is, when it was made/received, and who gave it to them, if applicable. Our tree is usually jam packed with these homemade things, although this year I only put lights, garland, and 6" teddy bears/snowmen all over the tree, and it looks lovely, if I do say so myself.
I also have wreaths my kids made in Grade 2 (by winding garland around wire coat hangers and gluing ornaments to them).
I usually display crocheted snowflakes my sister made years ago, but alas, they didn't "go with" the teddy bears this year!
I kept the last Christmas cards my mom signed for my wee children (who are now 25 and 27) way back in 1994, and these are in her envelopes placed strategically within the tree (so they don't burn up!).

Anonymous said...

I have an old glass bird ornament that was on our tree when I was a child. I believe it belonged to my mother's mother, who died when I was 9 months old. It has a broken tail, but it was already broken when I was a child. No matter, I always manage to hide it in the tree each year.


Kaelee said...

Hi Kate ~ Oddly enough I had two copies of Game of Hazard. I think I gave one away this past fall. It was your North American debut book and it was a keeper as I found one copy in a box of my mom's book when I inherited them.

I do have to tell you about the two oldest ornaments on my tree though. The oldest is a star my dad made for the top of his first Christmas tree after he married my mom in 1940. It hung on our family tree for years. The next is an angel that replaced the star at the top of my parents tree sometime in the 1940's. My older brother got married in the early 60's and he and his wife gave my parents a new angel for the tree. I got married in 1968 and the Christmas of 1969 was my first Christmas away from home as my husband had been transferred across Canada. I got an open-me-now parcel from my younger brother and inside was the refurbished angel the used to top my parents tree. It has topped all of our trees since then.

I'm glad you had a great time at your Christmas party.

bn100 said...

No special decorations.


Desere said...

Hi Kate,

Yes I do have one it is angels, they remind me of both my grandmothers whom we lost this year three months apart from each other. They were both always graceful,stunning and friendly no matter what. So angels are my connection to them as I know they are both up in heaven as stunning angels

Mary Preston said...

I still have all the ornaments my children made in Kindie. Full of memories & the most precious decorations I have.

Catherine said...

Hi Kate

I have a Matryoshka- style Father Christmas and inside are his granddaughter and then a Christmas tree. They are the characters from a well known Russian folktale. My dear friend Alarza gave them to me many years ago.
She died in 1995. Unpacking them each year gives me a sense of her presence and memories of the many joyous times we spent together.

JulieM said...

Our oldest Christmas decoration is an angel we bought the first Christmas we were married. That was in 1987. We were living in a small student flat and bought an artificial tree and decorations from Woolworth's in Durham.

The angel comes out every year, but no longer sits on the tree. She's looking a little sorry for herself, but is a great reminder of that first Christmas together. Before we were married we'd lived miles apart so we'd never shared time together at Christmas until we were married.


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