Friday, December 14, 2012

Advent Calendar Day 14

Well that was another busy day - are there any other sorts of days in the run up to Christmas?  Today was  a day I had to be out and about, shopping for groceries,
buying cat food – very important in the opinion of Charlie and Flora.  Cat treats are all very well when they are picking the prize-winners for this giveaway, but  they need real food as well!  Luckily their food  cupboard is well stocked now.   The bitter freeze that was making things very slippery over the past couple of days has melted and we are back with rain,  rain and more rain so it was a very soggy set of shopping expeditions.  I’m glad to be back home, with a warm fire and  now I plan to wrap some gifts and get them ready for the mail.

Amongst the packages going to the post office tomorrow will  be the prizes that I have announced so far. So, hopefully most of these will reach people before Christmas – I hope so anyway.

I’m still waiting for Charlie to come in to pick the winner of the copy of Game of Hazard.  (He spent most of the afternoon staring at the rain with a ‘you must be joking!’ look on his face when I opened the door for him to go out. But now the downpour has eased a little so he has gone out roaming for a while. I’ll get him on to picking  a winner when he comes back in.

So today’s question – well,  the fact that I have these packages to wrap and get in the mail made me wonder about how you all do this. Are you someone who loves to wrap parcels, create mini works of art with bows and glitter and specially colour co-ordinated ribbons and decorations?

Or are you someone who just puts a basic wrapping paper on the parcel and that’s that?

Or perhaps you’re one of these clever and original people who do fancy wrapping with pretty material or even ecologically sound wrapping in news.

Personally,  I love the idea  of really pretty parcels,  beautifully wrapped and decorated. I always start out with lots of great intentions  - and plenty of pretty paper etc. But somehow the enthusiasm never lasts quite long enough and even when I plan to get ahead and do things is good time, I always seem to be rushing to wrap the last of the gifts on Christmas Eve so that the parcels are barely finished before they’re being ripped open.

What about you?

Today’s give away is a signed copy of  The Konstantos Marriage Demand

The Greek's ruthless reunion.

Sadie Carteret and Nikos Konstantos were once blissfully in love. They planned the wedding of the year, and their union would create a powerful dynasty.

But business and pleasure should never be mixed. Nikos was accused of scheming for Sadie's money and title, and was systematically destroyed by her family. The wedding was cancelled, the relationship in tatters.

Now the ruthless billionaire has built himself back up from scratch. He will clear his name and demand what was rightfully his...

Sadie must love, honour and...obey....

The Konstantos Marriage Demand was awarded Romantic Times Best Presents Extra 2010.
Tomorrow is the 15th of December, so my blog post  - and the Advent Calendar  - will be over on We Write Romance  in my Kate's Corner.  See you there!


N'digo_anjel said...

I used to be about all of the pretty wrapping, but now I am practical. Sometimes I will just do the basic wrap and others (most times) I will put the gift in a gift bag with tissue paper.

Michelle handyside said...

I try to make the wrapping look nice, and occasionally it works, but in the main I get my hubby to do the harder shaped presents.

JulieM said...

All my gifts, except for my husband and the cats, have to be posted. Bows and ribbons would get rather squashed on the way so I just stick with wrapping paper.

Laney4 said...

Me bad....
When I wrap Christmas presents for my husband and two adult kids, I whip through them with wrapping paper, no bows, sometimes felt marker on the paper and sometimes the back of an old Christmas card as a tag, as I wrap several dozen at a time.
When I wrap presents for OTHERS, though, watch out! For anniversary, wedding, and birthday celebrations, I attach embellishments that would normally be used for scrapbooking (huge balloons, champagne glasses, wedding bands, etc.). I sometimes attach a helium balloon. I ALWAYS write a special poem for the event, print it on a nice card, and then embellish the card and envelope to match the present's embellishments (like flowers or balloons).
This year I am making homemade boxes for a few close friends' Christmas presents, as well as hostess presents. We went to a party with a bunch of "regulars" from Tim Hortons recently. I took a huge Tim Hortons wall calendar and cut it almost in half (as the top has to be slightly bigger than the bottom), using the big picture at the top as the lid of the box, and the 12-month calendar as the bottom of the box. One of the guys works at Tim Hortons and said they don't sell boxes, so where did I get it? He was flabbergasted that I made it myself (and attached a cardboard coffee cup in a perpendicular fashion as part of the "bow").

Anonymous said...

I try to wrap my presents neatly, but I gave up on all the fancy bows. This year I found stickers that look like bows with attached tags so the pkgs. I ship will get these.


joye said...

I always make them a work of art. I wrap in colorful paper with big bright bows. Of course, i can remember the days when my sons would rip the packages to shreds. That definitely was a time of very plain, cheap paper and less decor.

Wanda S said...

I usually ended up waiting until Christmas eve and just use wrapping paper with maybe just a bow.

I do wrap each person's gifts with a special roll of wrapping paper picked out just for them, that I use for all of their gifts.

In the past, for economical reasons, I have use the Sunday comics pages to wrap the kids presents.

chey said...

I usually wrap with gift bags and tissue paper.

*yadkny* said...

I wish I was someone who could create the works of art, but sadly I'm much to lazy. I can definitely appreciate those that do it though:)

bn100 said...

I like to wrap presents.


Mary Preston said...

This year I actually made shopping totes to act as gift wrapping - so to speak. They were easy to make & became part of the gift.

Eli Yanti said...

I've just sent Christmas Gift to 5 of my friends n 3 of them already got it but I made them promise that they will not open the gift before Christmas :)

I don't like wrapping because I'm open gift lol


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