Monday, December 10, 2012

Missing in Action

Dear everyone - and specially kaelee (thank you so much for your kind enquiry)

As you've probably noticed, the Advent Calendar  went off the air . . .

What can I say  except that sometimes real life intervenes  and however much I might have wanted to, I couldn't carry on with the every day giveaway I had planned/hoped for.   Things got thoroughly knocked off course but I'd like to hope they are back on the straight and narrow now.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are busy days when I have to be away from my desk but I'll hope to catch up  soon
In the meantime, while I collect my thoughts - lets look at a few winners. Already winners up to now: -
Martha who won Bedded By The Greek Billionaire
Gladys and Manisha who won The Sicilian's Red Hot Revenge
Your prizes have gone in the mail to you

Debby G who won Mediterranean Tycoons - please send a postal address
Eli Yanti - you won Just the Three of Us  - please also send a postal address - a link to my email is at the bottom of the page

The winner of Cordero's Forced Bride is SiNn  - can I have your address please?

Pink Heart Society winner - bn100  - you won a copy of  The Return of the Stranger - again please send me  details of your postal address.

That brings me up to date I think.

I'll have to carry on the Advent Calendar from today now - so I'll post up another blog about that and today's question  as soon as I've pu this one up.

Thanks for your patience.


Kaelee said...

This post brought to mind a memory of my bachelor uncle who loved to write letters. He would tell you a piece of news and end his paragragh with the expression Life! We would count the number of Life!'s in his letters on a regular basis.

I'm glad that you are back and it's just a case of Life throwing the unexpected at you. Take care Kate.

Eli Yanti said...

Hi Kate,

I already sent email to you ( Hope you got it and thank you :)

Mary Preston said...

Life happens!!

Congratulations everyone!!


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