Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Advent Calenday Day 5

I've been busy today - doing what I call 'maintenance'  - or  sometimes I call it the Forth Bridge project. ( For those of you who  don't know that reference,  the huge Forth Bridge  is so big that people say if they started to repaint it, they'd barely get to the end before they had to begin again.)

It's just  fate that means a lot of my annual/biannual  checks have fallen in the past week or so. Last week was the dentist, today's was the eye test  - but I have to admit I'm glad that I've got them out of the way now - and  even better to know that  nothing has changed - so no expenses for new lenses/frames. That pleased me a lot.

Now I can concentrate on the nicer, pampering side of preparing for the festive season.  I have a hair appointment booked - and today, seeing as there isn't going to be the cost of new glasses, I decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure just before the big day.  If we're not careful, the build up to Christmas can be all about planning, preparing, organising, wrapping . . . .  And let's face it, often the women are the ones doing most of it.  (Though I have to say that my son  is amazingly good at buying gifts -I'm impressed.)

So today's question is all about you - do you have a  preparty/pre Christmas bit of pampering that you enjoy?
Or one that you just  dream of?
Would your fantasy be a full day spa package (OK - we can dream - we'd need the time off to achieve it!)
Or do you  choose something nice to wear and go with that. (Don't go into details on the 'something nice to wear' - that's for tomorrow's question!)

And today's give away prize -

Yesterday's giveaway was an older book - so let's come up to date.

Today I'm giving away a copy of my latest title - The Devil and Miss Jones . This was out in March 2012.

Martha Jones has never taken a risk in her whole life. Until the day she runs out on her wedding and succumbs to the magnetism of a man she has only just met! A man she knows only as Diablo.
Lone wolf Carlos Ortega won't promise Miss Jones more than one searing-hot night. Yet Carlos is shocked by Martha's sweet innocence. This runaway bride is a virgin, and it seems the repercussions of their sizzling encounter could last forever . . .

Let me know what your  'pampering' is - even if it's just a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine while you're writing the Christmas cards!  And I'll  send someone a little extra treat in a signed copy of this book.

Oh - and the winner of Advent Calendar Day 4 is Eli Yanti
Eli please email me with your postal address so I can send your prize on to you.


joye said...

Your book sounds really good. A man called Diablo? wowI
I usually give myself an early present in that I get my hair colored and fixed and get a manicure and pedicure. Would like to do that more often throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

I'm not big on pampering and I dislike massages. I've never had a manicure so that might be nice to try.


SiNn said...

humm and im just now hearing of this book ive been slacking honestly when i pamper my self i do a foot soak while i drink a nice hot cup of tea while i just relax and sometimes a bubble bath is also nice for me really its just that moment where i cna bretah in and go ahh

JackieW said...

My special time is to have a full day at the Spa getting as beautiful and refreshed as I can get. Nothing better than that.

chey said...

Pampering for me would be Hot Chocolate, a good book and time to read it.

Laney4 said...

Every year it seems to take longer and longer to put up the tree and decorations (and it hurts more to bend with the lower decorations). For the past few years, my husband have enjoyed a rye and coke (or two) while decorating. We don't often drink (maybe three or four times a year, including New Year's Eve and Christmas Day), but we tell ourselves that we are worth it, LOL. The kids rarely help us; they have their own lives as young adults now.

Kaelee said...

I loved The Devil and Miss Jones. Whoever wins it will have a bit of pampering.

I'm going to splurge and get a haircut sometime soon. I also like to take time and soak in the tub. If I have a bit of wine and a book to read while I'm soaking, that's the best.

*yadkny* said...

I would love a full day spa package preparty/pre Christmas bit of pampering, but after all the Christmas shopping I'm lucky if I can afford a manicure:) It's ok though I love to give and I have a big family, so there is a lot of giving to be done. Anyways what I like to do is grab a big cup of Starbuck's hazelnut hot chocolate.

JulieM said...

I'm not really into the idea of being pampered. I don't wear make-up and my husband trims my hair for me.

Mary Preston said...

The best way for me to pampered is just to have time for myself. Time to breathe & read & knit & just be.

Manisha said...

I like when dinner is cooked and we all sat down together and enjoy, while me doing nothing lol.... becoming lazier these days

bn100 said...

Reading a good book



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