Sunday, December 30, 2012

Couting down the Days of 2012

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  Ours was  very quiet, very peaceful - thankfully - just what we needed - and with warmth, family and friends - what more do yo need?

I know what people think I need - books! I have  received so many books as gifts that I will be reading all year! It's a good thing that I did some much-needed catching up on reducing my TBR pile before the big day because  since Christmas Day, the to be read pile has grown again and I think it's even larger than before.  Luckily some of the books I was give are very short or quick and easy to read - Simon's Cat cartoons for one - so I have managed to deal with a couple of those.

And notebooks - I received some gorgeous notebooks . . .now I wonder what I'll be writing in those in 2012!

Anyway, 2012 is coming to a close and 2013 looms on the horizon - but before we step out into the brand new year, there are some things that need tidying up from  2012.  The Advent Calendar for one.

There are some give aways to  announce and send out - some prizes that haven't been collected -  and there are some  little extras to finish.

So -  the winner of one of my oldest books - First Man  - was Maria

Prizes not claimed;

The Konstantos Marriage Demand  was won by  N'digo_anjel
Chey wins a copy of  The Good Greek Wife.
Debby G who won Mediterranean Tycoons -
Please claim your books, ladies or they will go back into the box for next time.
And there are some books here that I have brought out of the storage boxes but I don't want to have to go and put them back in  so  I got Flora on the job of picking  and  the result was:
Desere  - The Return of the Stranger
Mary Preston  - Kept for Her Baby
Kaelee   and Rita -  you win  your choice of my back list
Please contact me with your postal addresses  using the link below.
I'll hope to get organised now  - and I'll wish you all a very very happy New Year, hoping that 2013 will be a gentle year for everyone - with love and  warmth and happiness.
See you then!


Nas said...

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, Kate!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so good to us, Kate! I received my book from you yesterday in the mail. That was fast!

I hope you have a wonderful New Years!


Desere said...

Wow thank you so much Kate your an angel! Happy New Year Kate and all the kitties! xxx

Mary Preston said...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Thank you for KEPT FOR HER BABY. I have sent an email off.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Thank you Kate. Looking forward to receiving the book


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