Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Winners and Advent Calendar Day 4

It's raining - which right now is a good thing. 

It means that at last Charlie has come in from being outside in the garden – he’s soaked to the skin, he’s brought us the ‘gift’ of a mouse  (which I’ve asked him to leave on the doorstep as I’m not in the mood of mouse for tea!) –  but at last he’s home and inside. And that means that I can get him to pick some winners at last!

So – the winner of Day 1 is Debby  - Debby wins a copy of the 3 in 1 collection Mediterranean Tycoons

Day 2  - which I’ve already announced – was Martha who won Bedded By The  Green Billionaire

Day 3  -  obviously being out in the rain and chasing that mouse has made Charlie feel very hungry – before I could blink he had snaffled two  crunchies and I couldn’t decide which one was first – but I’m also running a special draw with extra  prizes for members of my Newsletter list  and one of those winners  is  on my Newsletter list so there are two winners for Day 3 and they are:

Who both win a copy of The Sicilian’s Red Hot Revenge.  (Manisha, I’m sorry – I can’t offer any help on the title of the book you are looking for but if I find out anything I’ll let you know.)

Would all winners please email  me -  there is a contact link at the bottom of the page -  send me your postal address and I’ll get the prize in the mail just as soon as I can.

Today’s book in in another three in one collection. When I was talking about  the older books of mine that have been selling afresh as ebooks, one of those was the  2001 title His Miracle Baby.   I don’t think this is in print anywhere right now – so the print versions of it in this collection is  a bit of a collector’s piece! It’s in a By Request Collection – Just the Three  of Us.
Why  had Ellie left him?

Morgan didn't know. It was obvious she'd still been blissfully in love with him. She'd even agreed with his edict that they never have children. Then she'd disappeared.

When Morgan found her . . .

To his absolute shock, she had with here the most adorable baby girl that he'd ever seen. His heart twisted inside him. Had Ellie found another man to give her what he never could - or was this baby Morgan's very own miracle?

And today’s question -  well, I had thought of offering a Christmas story as part of this giveaway, but I  don’t have a copy of any of my Christmas set novels. (There aren’t many of them – The Christmas Baby’s Gift and Fiancée By Mistake.)  But I would like to know  what you think about  Christmas themed books.

Do you love them – at this time of years?  Would you look out specially for Christmas themed books?
Or have you had enough of the whole Christmas thing by the time you get a chance to sit down and relax? Would you rather read anything BUT a Christmas story?

I’d be interested to know if your decision is influenced by where you live – if you’re in the UK etc would you rather not read about any more cold, snow, ice?   Or if you’re somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere would you  find that makes you  feel more ‘Christmassy’  

Do you have  any favourite Christmas titles?  A favourite Christmas romance – or any other story – that you love to read over and over?
Post your answers in the comments  section and you can be in with a chance to win.
His Miracle Baby is available  on Kindle and as an ebook on the Harlequin and Mills & Boon web sites.


joye said...

If romance occurs during the holidays, then I will read the book. I usually read a couple of Christmas-themed books during this time of year

SiNn said...

I usually read maybe one christmas read durring this time of year i get christmased out by the time i want to read one its like in july or so funny i know i sometime sprefer tor ead them in the summer when i can enjoy the love of christmas with out getting bombarded with it which i know for alot that seems weird but I think christmas spirit should be all year the giving magic loving spirit and with christmas i lose the spirit sometimes and regain it later on with christmas reads out side of the season

Anonymous said...

I read several Christmas themed books during the holidays. I enjoy them all year though so I buy them when they're available and read them whenever I can. LOL


Eli Yanti said...

I do enjoy several Christmas book but I still have not favorite yet

chey said...

I like to read Christmas books in the summer. I'd rather not read about snow when I'm living with it. I live in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

*yadkny* said...

I don't have any favourite Christmas titles... I don't know that I've actually read any. I wouldn't be opposed to reading them though:)


Desere said...

Hi Kate, I love Christmas themed books! I live in South Africa and my part of the country does not get snow so the more I can read about a white Christmas the better , as for now it is as close as I can get to having one. Thank you for the lovely give away!

Kaelee said...

I love Christmas themed books and will read quite a few in December but I also read them all year long.I do have His Miracle Baby.

Kaelee said...

Oops ~ forgot to add that I live in a part of Canada that can get a lot of snow.

JulieM said...

Every December I read only Christmas themed books. I live in Scotland and love books with lots of snow in them.

It's a snowy day here today and I love it. I'm much more of a winter person than a summer one

I think that the only Christmas themed book I've re-read a few times is "Winter Solstice" by Rosamunde Pilcher.

Mary Preston said...

I actually start looking for Christmas reads as December approaches. There is something extra special about them I feel. A touch of magic.

Manisha said...

Hi Kate
Being born in a tropical island, we always had a hot Christmas.
This year its gonna be my first winter Christmas here. And since living in an island... we are usually late in getting books in libraries, I got used to reading them anytime during the year.


Laney4 said...

I love Christmas stories all year round. They just "suck me in" with all the "wonders of Christmas". The glass is, after all, half full, LOL!


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