Friday, March 07, 2014

Back from Wales

I've finally caught up - well, sort of -  with so many things that needed doing before and after I went to Wales and the wonderful Writers' and Artists Weekend at Fishguard Bay Hotel.

I had a great time teaching the Advanced Romance Writing course in Pembrokeshire - so much so that it didn't seem like work a lot of the time.  I had such a great group there, with everyone gelling so well and getting on fabulously together . (And I need to add thanks to those who contributed chocolate  and choc  chip cookies  and more chocolate  to help us get through the  concentrated classes for the weekend.

One of my students Johanna Grassick has  written a great report on the weekend over on Novelistas Ink  where she talks about the work we did with post-it notes - to add a bit of colour and extra interest into working through the emotional development of a plot - and all the rest of the course.

Still with the course in mind, I have a post over on  Pink Heart Society's blog today  - talking about one of the presentations and discussion we had over the weekend.

I have more plans for other classes, courses and  a writing retreat in a fabulous venue  coming up  - so I need to get them fully organised so I can give you the details.  But  there's one problem . . .as soon as things are decided, they are sold out!  The events listed on my Events Page  - Weetwood  Hall in May, Fishguard Writers'  Holiday in July are now full.

So - it sounds ridiculous, but if you're interested in the Advanced Writing Romance at  Fishguard in February 2015 !  - I suggest you take a look at the Writers' Holiday website and maybe think about getting your name down on the waiting list now!

I'll be posting up more details of any more courses as and when they are decided.


Johanna Grassick said...

There's a reason why your courses book up so quickly Kate! Thank you for a lovely weekend. :)

Kate Walker said...

Thank you, Johanna! I have to say that with a group like the one at Fishguard this time, the teaching never seems like work. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend - I had a great time too. I always look forward to the February course. It's very special

Rachael Thomas said...

Thanks Kate. Once again a wonderful weekend and I agree, the February Fishguard course is very special.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Rachael. This year's February course was extra special with your success and selling your first book to celebrate.

Kate Walker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Olga said...

Welcome back, Kate! Congratulations on having the events sold out! That shows how incredibly popular they are!

Sarah Hooton said...

Thank you, Kate for a great weekend in Fishguard. Your help and guidance are always so generously given and gratefully received!

Kate Walker said...

Thanks for your welcome back, Olga! It is always so very flattering to know that the courses are booked up so far in advance - it's great to know that they are so popular

Kate Walker said...

It was great to see you in Fishguard, Sarah - and I'm so glad that you both enjoyed and benefitted from the course. This year's group was such fun to teach.


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