Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ruby Report

I've had some enquiries about the small black and white tornado that is  Ruby the kitten - so I thought I'd bring  you up to date.

We don't know exactly when Ruby was born, seeing as she was found as a stray, so we can only guesstimate   but as it's likely she was born late September 2013, she's not  coming up to 6 months old. And she's a like a firework to have around - always fizzing with energy, running and pouncing on anything that moves. She loves jumping on my toes, giving them tiny bites or attacking them with claws that are like needles  - and sometimes she tries to climb up my legs from behind.

So it's been  a  great relief to be able to open the door and let her out into the garden to run  around, chase Charlie - or be chased by him - and run off some of that excess energy.  He's specially enjoyed that this week as he has had his paw ripped in a fight  - or on a nail - and has been  limping rather badly. Luckily a trip to the vet and the antibiotics have a done the trick and he's  been pouncing on her- leaping out of the shrubbery  and chasing her around for hours.

  But Ruby has decided that she doesn't need  him since she discovered trees.  She is quite a climber and just
loves to scramble up as high as she can go. At the moment she's only trying out the bushes - the magnolia in this case - but she has ambitions for the apple trees as soon as she gets her confidence.

She is also growing like crazy - still very slim and sleek but with long legs  that make her look surprisingly tall.

I've included a photo  of her next to Charlie so that you can see the comparison in size - but of course he has a  much longer  and thicker coat  so he looks huge next to her.


Anonymous said...

Fitting right in, then! xxNoëlle

Kate Walker said...

Absolutely - fitting in perfectly. She's starting to rule the house and has Charlie right under her little paw. I hope you'll meet her soon.


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