Monday, March 31, 2014

Happiness is . . .

Happiness is having a son who understands his mother on Mother's Day

And a husband  who knows how to help you celebrate National Pencil Day as part of National Stationery week.

Are you celebrating National Stationery Week? 
It's the perfect excuse for any writer with an addiction . .  .
Suggestions from the web site  are:

  • Write a letter or card to a relative or friend, and show you care.  - Done  (twice!) 
  • Go on a stationery crawl!
  • Treat yourself to a new pen or notebook – or even both! – during National Stationery Week.  You can never have too much stationery, and it makes you feel good!  Done 

  • Not managed the stationery crawl yet - but there's always tomorrow!  My friend and  brand new fellow Presents author  has already planned hers - see her blog for details


    Rachael Thomas said...

    I have pencil envy! My stationery crawl will happen tomorrow!

    Laney4 said...

    I too love stationery and totally agree with all you said. As for your suggestions, I just wrote an older girlfriend. I will hold off on buying a new pen or notebook, though, as I have plenty of pens, plus use old paper scraps. I only buy new stationery when I redeem Barnes & Noble Gift Cards. I live in Canada where we don't have any B&N stores, so once a year I drive down to the U.S. to a nearby B&N store, and there I spend over an hour gawking at all the neat things I could buy. Last year, I bought my husband an updated U.S./Canada book of maps, my daughter an agenda, and a journal plus two books for myself, leaving a $1.23 balance towards this August's trip (with new gift cards added, of course)! I can hardly wait!!!


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